Wine Racks

Bar carts on wheels allow you to serve and store wine, making them ideal if you entertain often. Shelves of glass, wood or mirrors are all designed to support wine bottles, decanters and glasses carefully and elegantly. Choose from round or rectangular lines to fit in your dining room or kitchen space. The handles and wheels on the wine racks make them easy to transport to other rooms or a porch for entertaining. If you prefer the cart to remain stationary, we also have cabinets and standing trays without wheels at west elm.

Drape a decorative kitchen towel conveniently over the handle. This will be handy to wipe up any spills or condensation from the wine. The towels come with catchy sayings, names of famous places, animal prints or descriptions of cocktails. They will complement the racks and the wine.

Wine coolers are ideal for chilling wine and keeping it cool. The marble exterior has a steel base with a brass finish. Simply place the wine in the cooler to maintain the chilled temperature. For wine served at room temperature, you might like to have the marble base that matches the cooler. Maybe have a chardonnay in the cooler and a merlot on the base to offer guests two options. Use a decanter to serve sangria or mojitos.

Pour the wine into glasses with stems or without. Both types are very functional and serve wine with graceful ease, so it’s more of a personal preference. It’s good to have a little of both on hand for guests to be able to choose for themselves. Some of the glasses have metal rims and others have a hipped variation at the base. Ribbed designs are also available, which look stunning and are easy to grip.

Your guests will enjoy sipping and tasting, especially with a few appetizers served alongside the wine. Serving boards and trays fit handily on the wine carts and can be propped up when not in use. They work well with charcuterie or dips and crackers. Petrified wood and slate boards add an earthy vibe to the arrangement for a fabulously natural presentation. Meatballs and wings can be arranged securely on trays with rims and passed around for others to try. Long, narrow lacquered trays are ideal for sushi. A variety of serving pieces will certainly make entertaining a breeze.

Use dazzling serving utensils with the trays to serve the appetizers. Cheese spreaders, serving spoons and knives are practical and essential for serving different types of food. You and your guests can scoop up olive tapenade or slice brie and spread it on a cracker, then grab a chicken wing or two. Add a dollop of dressing to top it off. Serveware might be made of copper and marble, olive wood and stainless, rose gold or shimmery gold. Whether the occasion is formal or casual, these will complement the wine and the appetizers.

Small canapé or side plates are super for guests to hold their appetizers in their laps or in their hands. By keeping control of serving their own plates, they can go back for refills often and no one has to notice. Abstract designs can be mixed and matched with coordinating solid colors for an eclectic display. Alternatively, you might select an artsy pottery set of plates. Classic black will go anywhere with any motif. Bright, vibrant colors add some pep to the atmosphere and are suitable for lots of celebrations. When you aren’t using the plates for appetizers, you can display them in a china cabinet or on a shelf. This size of plate is just right for salads and desserts, as well as small meals.