Since the bed is the primary element in all bedrooms in terms of function and design, you can add life to it and the entire room with the simple addition of a headboard. Consider headboards as the crowning glory of beds. They are furniture pieces that give beds distinctive character and either dictate or complement the entire look and feel of the bedroom. More than just a design piece, some headboards give you a comfortable backrest when reading a book or watching TV in bed. Others may also serve to obscure the view and light from the outside if set against a window or a glass block portion of a wall.

Headboards come in a wide range of sizes, materials, designs and features such as those available from west elm. While the available widths options of headboards are the same as the standard widths of beds, they do not follow a standard for height as style usually takes precedence in this regard. The height of a headboard helps define the boundaries of your bed and, in other instances, helps create the illusion that the bed and the entire bedroom itself is larger and grander. Our headboards come in wood and metal, and some with plush upholstery to comfortably lean back on.

The headboards with upholstery are available in several designs and colors. If you prefer plain upholstery, among the available fabrics are tweed, leather, velvet and various weave choices. Nailhead trim and pattern designs are available to add a bit of style to plain upholstery. On the other hand, should you prefer tufting on your headboard upholstery, you might like diamond, grid, panel or button tufts. For a modern take on headboard designs, go with our headboard with a pixel-quilting pattern created with a linen weave fabric. This not-so-ordinary take on quilting patterns goes well with most bedframes in modern styles.

Our wooden headboards come in stylishly simple to more complex designs. One of our offerings features a low profile with a cutout motif to complement your bedroom’s decor. Another wooden headboard design features Moroccan pattern cutouts, which gives your bedroom a classy modern-Euro touch. The metal headboards are available in modern window styles, which make their weight more manageable. Some of our headboards come with height-adjustable stands, which means you can either raise or lower them according to what suits you best.

When choosing from our selections, match the headboard according to the size of your bed, and choose a design that goes well with other bedroom furniture including nightstands, dressers and wardrobes.