Storage Beds

Since storage beds provide you with extra space where you can stash your stuff, these types of beds are welcome additions to small apartments and cozy bedrooms. However, the designs and styles of modern storage beds are so appealing that you may want one of your own even if you have a spacious bedroom or enough storage space. These are just the kinds of storage beds that are available from west elm. Our collection includes storage beds in a variety of stylish designs that are of excellent construction with high grade, renewable materials.

Before you start making your selection, let us help you first address some of the important nitty-gritty considerations. These include the size of the bed, its sturdiness and the available storage space that you want. When buying pieces of large furniture, it always is a good idea to measure the space where you plan to set it. This is even more important if you are purchasing storage beds because of limited space. Take careful measurements of the area where the bed will go and make adjustments for additional space for you to access its storage space easily, as well as move around the bed comfortably. Once you have the measurements, you’ll know if you have the space that is right for a cozy daybed or if you have ample room for a queen to full-sized storage bed.

Knowing the size of bed that is right for you also effectively narrows down your search. As you start browsing our selection, do not forget to consider the individuals who will be snuggling up in the bed. Since some of the storage spaces may take away what would normally be support fittings, double-check the weight ratings for each bed. If storage is just as important to you as bed space, do not rely on the photos alone, but check the description to see the amount of storage space that goes with the bed.

With the size and weight capacity already in mind, you can now start choosing the type of mattress you want and the style that will both suit your taste and go well with the existing decor in the bedroom. Some of our storage beds already come with mattresses, while others do not. Our beds come in contemporary and modern designs. Contemporary styles feature straight lines, strong angles and slender legs, all of which give you the illusion of more space. Modern styles, on the other hand work well with plush mattresses and generally have larger storage spaces. Some of our storage beds have no headboards, which gives you more design flexibility as you can select and purchase your own to go with the bed if you like.