File Cabinets

Getting your home office to look and feel just the way you want it is often paramount to achieving your work goals. An organized space is a comfortable space, and if you’re comfortable going into your home office each time you need to complete some tasks, you’ll be even happier while getting the job done. Whether your home office is simply a quiet haven where you get to work from home or it’s furnished in such a way as to host clients and vendors, having the right type of storage not only lets you find a place for everything, but it also keeps everything in its place. If you’re in need of file cabinets and storage solutions, west elm has both modern and contemporary styles to give your office a polished and professional yet comfortable ambience.

Most likely, you’ll want file cabinets and storage solutions that match and complement your existing office furniture, such as your desk. When shopping for file cabinets, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of files and folders you need to store prior to purchasing the unit. For example, a lateral filing cabinet typically comes with one to three drawers, and its lateral configuration allows you to store both legal- and letter-sized documents easily. In addition, its wide width also presents storage solutions for other items you may need close at hand while you’re working. This elongated drawers let you stash writing utensils, headphones, cords and other accessories you may need for computer work or drafting.

On the other hand, a traditional filing cabinet is usually a taller unit that also has one to three drawers for storage. Instead of wide storage space, this type of cabinet offers deep drawers, and also the ability to store legal- or letter-sized documents in suspended hanging files. Traditionally, this type of storage unit works best with files and folders only, and it often fits securely under your desk for easy retrieval. A lateral filing cabinet is usually a standalone piece of furniture.

When it comes to office furniture construction, wood is often a popular material. With a smooth finish, any type of wood makes for elegant and comfortable furniture, especially storage units. For an eco-friendly option, consider dressing your office furniture in FSC-certified or reclaimed wood furniture; eucalyptus is a popular choice. Opt for file cabinets and office furniture in a painted finish, such as white or black, to better suit a your existing office ensemble.