Home Office Bookcases

Your home office is also your place for peace and quiet – a secluded area to get work done, attend virtual meetings or to catch up on your reading. Finding the right storage solutions within your office helps you feel on top of things. An organized office simply makes the space more comfortable by proxy, and an easy space to work in helps you complete tasks much more cheerfully. Office storage bookcases are an exceptional resource to add to your home office. Whether you are in search of a corner unit, wall shelving or a standalone bookcase, west elm has the office storage solution ideas you need to keep on top of your work.

For a sleek look that doesn’t take up a lot of space, consider a pop bookshelf. A metal frame with wood-engineered shelves provides durability, holding your books, decor and other items, such as office supplies. Place a pop bookshelf in a corner or against the wall to minimize your use of floor space while adding four shelves worth of storage. Another modern idea is an industrial, modular bookshelf. Available in several different designs with both open and closed storage, this unit also features a sturdy metal frame in addition to wooden shelving. Choose from thin, wide and extra-wide units, depending on your storage needs. These shelves are great for storing music and media like CDs and DVDs, office supplies or simply work well for book storage.

Add several units at different focal points in the room to provide a wealth of storage solutions while complementing existing decor and furniture. Other storage options for your office include mid-century shelving. These complete units offer you open shelving space, closed shelving space and closed cabinet space, allowing you to place everything from an office television or widescreen monitor to your entire book collection. You can also pair some of these beautiful units with an included desk and chair set, completing your office ensemble with several key pieces. Choose from neutral or vivid colors, such as red, white or black.

Ladder shelving also enlivens any office space. These special bookcases are meant to look like wall ladders, and are placed easily against any wall to add both storage and decoration. Modular bookcase styles also work well in a home office. Choose from modular cabinet units, where you can privately store personal items and files, or open, cube-shaped shelving units, which provide a lot of open storage space as well as ample open and closed shelves in which to place files, media and more.