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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are central to any living area and having the right one both completes the look and brings all of the design elements in your living room furniture together. Choosing a coffee table for your living room is relatively simple, despite the diversity of available designs. west elm has a fine selection of coffee tables in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs in different materials and with various features. We also offer a selection of side tables and console tables to go with your main living room table. Browse our collection of coffee tables and you are sure to find one that suits your requirements and style preferences.

Before you start browsing our coffee table offerings, however, measure the space where you plan on setting the table. Make an allowance for the space you need around the table to move about freely. Next, measure the height of the cushion on your sofa. The common rule of thumb is that your coffee table should be no taller than the cushion. Of course, you can also add in or take off an inch or two from the height of the table to better suit your taste. Lastly, measure the width of your sofa. Your next coffee table should not be longer than two thirds of the sofa.

By taking down these measurements you also have significantly narrowed down your choices of coffee tables and the task of picking the right one should be easier. The next step is determining how you plan to use the table. Ask yourself these questions. Do you want the table to hold your drinks and snacks, or hold your magazine collection? Do want it to primarily be a decorative piece? Should the table have extra storage spaces to hold even more items? By answering these questions, you will whittle down the number of your coffee table choices even more.

For example, a table with a glass or marble surface is easier to clean after serving guests with snacks and drinks. If you want to go with a wooden surface, make a note that you need to keep coasters handy. You will want to look at our pop-up and storage coffee tables if you want extra space to store more items that you often use in your living room.

Once you start browsing the remaining coffee table choices, take a closer look at the ones that catch your attention. Visualize having each of those coffee tables in the middle of your living room and get a sense of the emotion that the look evokes in you. Imagine how it will complement the other furniture pieces such as the side tables or the media consoles. In this final part before you purchase a table, it is always best to trust your taste when making your final decision.