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Complement your living room accent tables or introduce some storage and display space in a different room with west elm’s console tables. The stylish designs in this category display casual elegance and dramatic accents that can blend in perfectly with your additional decor. Many of these pieces are even chic enough to serve as a dramatic accent in a minimalistic room with overall restrained design. Whether you plan to use your console for purely practical purposes or you want an artistic surface upon which to display some of your favorite decorative items, you’ll find what you need in this section.

Console tables work quite well in the living room, but you can also use them in your bedroom as a way of breaking up the space or inserting some additional storage without the use of heavy, bulky furniture pieces. You can use a console table to display a television or computer monitor for those times when you just want to lounge around in bed and be entertained. Console tables can also hold jewelry boxes and other practical storage items that have a distinct ornamental element you wish to highlight. From book storage to lamp support, consoles offer a lot of versatility for bedroom use

These adaptable furniture pieces can also work well in a dining room context, particularly in a small living space or a home that favors light, minimal furniture. Console tables can take the place of traditional buffets and other dining room storage and display pieces if you’re after a lower profile for your design. You can set out dishes of food, store bar equipment or create decorative vignettes for special occasions on a console table in the dining room just as you would with a buffet or sideboard. Those traditional dining room furniture pieces have their place, but if you find them too bulky for your needs, console tables can step in as a compromise piece that balances the look you want with the function you need.

No matter what your personal style is and what you intend to use it for, you’ll find the right console among our collection. Whether you want a friendly mid-century look or you’re after something more sleek, cool and industrial, we have options that are sure to catch your eye and delight your senses. You can easily balance your practical concerns with your style priorities by choosing the table that works best for you in this section.