Buffet Shelves

The dining room is typically an open space where the dining room table is the focal point of the room. However, just as with any room in the home, it’s always a plus to have adequate storage, as well as an elegant spot to showcase finer items, such as china and silver. Adding buffet shelves to your dining room or kitchen area is a great way to reduce clutter while offering you more storage solutions. For modern and contemporary styles, west elm has everything you need to enliven your dining room with useful, durable shelving units.

There are quite a few types of buffet shelves and units. For example, a bar cabinet is a great addition to your dining room or your kitchen area. Opt for a raised cabinet, which allows storage on the top half and an open area underneath. Or choose a tall bar cabinet with multiple cubes and shelves, to stock everything from your liquors to your bar tools. Look for finishes and colors that complement your existing decor, such as painted wood in black or a natural antique finish.

To display china, fine serveware and other items, a curio or display cabinet is ideal. While every style differs a bit, these display cabinets typically have three to four shelves, with glass-paneled cabinet doors that easily swing open to remove items. However, the see-through glass feature easily allows you to use these units for display, or to store those once-a-year pieces that come out during the holidays. Similarly to bar cabinets, you may opt for curio cabinets with open space underneath or full units with a wealth of shelving space to store your items.

For storage of foodstuffs and other items in your pantry or kitchen, a modern and contemporary bookshelf is a great choice. Easily doubling as a baker’s rack, look for open-styled metal frame bookcases that fit your baking needs and other dry food supplies. The use of reclaimed, FSC-certified wooden bookshelves also works well in a manner of ways – from food storage to the displaying of items. Long, industrial modular bookcases are also used in the dining room as storage units for books, serveware and other items. Conveniently, they easily double as buffets as well. If you’re hosting a larger party, these long, modular bookcases are ideal for food service on top, or even do well as a bar station so that guests can pour their own during cocktail parties and functions.