Buffets + Sideboards

After a dinner party with your closest friends, stow your china, glassware and table linens until your next event with an elegant buffet table from west elm. With so many gorgeous hues, it’s simple to find a piece that complements your existing home decor. When browsing through options, decide what items you want to store in the buffet and how you want to use it. Buffet tables come in a variety of configurations with regards to the number and placement of the drawers, shelvers and cabinets. If you know that you want to display some of your favorite dishes, look for a table that incorporates open shelves into the design.

Households that frequently entertain usually have multiple sets of dishes for seasonal affairs. Keep these dishes together when they are out of season by opting for a buffet table fitted with multiple drawers. Devote each drawer to a specific set of dinnerware. You should also take note of the depth of drawers. Shallow drawers work best for housing flatware or serving platters, while deep drawers accommodate a number of items, such as your serving bowels and tablecloths.

Make sure your buffet table enhances, rather than detracts, from your overall decor by selecting a size that fits your home’s layout. Buffets come in small, medium and large sizes to satisfy your spatial and storage needs. Once you know what size you prefer, it’s time to pick a finish. Smooth, sleek materials flatter rooms decorated in contemporary furnishings, while buffets adorned in leather look smashing in homes with a rustic aura. If you have other pieces of furniture that you use during parties, such as a bar cart, you may prefer to coordinate the buffet table with these event fixtures. For example, if you own a wooden bar cart, select a buffet built with the same type of wood.

Pay attention to the type of shelving that comes in the cabinets of your buffet. Some cabinets include fixed shelving, others feature adjustable shelves and some have a combination of shelving types. If you want to customize the cabinet to perfectly house your table linens, look for a buffet with at least a few adjustable shelves.

Small touches, like the hardware on your furniture, help your home feel pulled together. Buffets come with an assortment of lovely finishes for their knobs and handles, like bronze, nickel and brass. Pick a table that matches the details of the furniture presently in your dining space. As you greet your guests, buffet tables are a convenient spot to temporarily rest your serving trays. See that the buffet’s details suit your partyware.