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Looking for a way to add polish to your living room? A media console or cabinet may be just what you need to bring order and flair into the equation and turn your entertainment center equipment into a well organized display. west elm’s consoles and media storage cabinets offer a stylish solution to any organizational issues you may have in your living room, bedroom or home office. These practical furniture pieces work well in any entertainment or home media scenario, whether it’s display for a television or computer monitor, storage for a turntable or simply a place to stash board games and a variety of other fun-time activities.

For small spaces and limited storage needs, our media consoles are a compact solution to your entertainment and storage needs. The items in this subcategory are typically standalone pieces that don’t include extra shelving, making our consoles a great option for a variety of scenarios. Though they’re on the smaller side, our media consoles have plenty of shelving, drawer space and style to meet your needs if you don’t have a lot of equipment, books or art to prop up around your television, gaming equipment or large-screen computer setup. This makes them just right for small apartments and other living situations that call for efficiency. You’ll get all the organizing power you need without taking up too much interior real estate.

If your space and storage needs are larger, we have plenty of options to suit. Our media furniture sets include multiple different pieces, including shelving and consoles, so you can organize, display and enjoy all of your various entertainment accessories. From books to albums, physical media can still play a big part in our lives, and these items say a lot about who we are. Displaying your media is a form of decor in and of itself, and these furniture sets make it possible to arrange and show off all of the music, film and literature that has shaped your personality.

The shelving that comes with our media furniture sets includes bookcase style storage towers that you can use for more utilitarian storage rather than display. Using boxes and baskets on these shelves can give you the means of wrangling cords and other functional equipment that’s important to have on hand but isn’t exactly attractive. It’s always possible to blend storage and display by using the lowers shelves of your media furniture for storage boxes and featuring some decorative items on the top shelves where they’re easier to see. You can easily make these furniture pieces your own by making careful choices about what you show off and how you present it.

There’s plenty of room on the shelves and surfaces of our consoles and media storage cabinets to feature elegant decor that contrasts with the technological tone of most entertainment setups. Vases full of flowers and beautiful decorative sculptures can add a nice layer of aesthetic distinction so you can capture exactly the right look for your home. Our entertainment furniture is stylish enough to stand on its own, too, with materials like lacquer and reclaimed wood adding dimension and beautiful texture that draws the eye in the right ways.

If you want to gaze upon well-organized, beautiful presentation while you’re on the sofa binge watching your new favorite TV show, browse through this product category and see if any of our media furniture options suit your space needs and style preferences. Our designs cover a range of different influences and incorporate a nice variety of materials that you can choose from to capture the look and feel you want for your home. Whether your entertainment storage and display needs are large or small, we have furniture options that can fit right in and give you the right balance between form and function.