Desk Chairs

Sit down and get to work in comfort and style. Our office chairs collection features an array of styles, textures and colors, lending a designer flair to your office space. Choose from materials such as leather, various fabrics, wood and metal in styles such as mid-century modern and contemporary classic. Browse designs ranging from upholstered swivel armchairs to sturdy café inspired seating options. Whether you are redesigning your corner office or choosing new furniture for your home office, our collections offer pieces to suit any decor style.

You spend a good chunk of your waking hours at work, and in the modern working environment, a lot of that time is spent at your desk. Therefore, your office chair choice can play a key role in your comfort and productivity throughout the day. Your chair should have a cushioned seat and support your back. The seat should be deep enough to leave a few inches of space between your knees and the edge of the chair. If you spend long hours at your desk, you may want to opt for a swivel chair, as this style lets you rotate around your desk area without twisting your back or straining your arms. Armrests can offer a comfortable space to relax your forearms as you read through documents or important news; however, If you opt for a design with armrests, make sure you still have access to your computer keyboard without holding your elbows on the armrests. If you are short or tall, a chair with adjustable height may be more supportive, as you can raise or lower it to a cozy position.

Short-term office seating is slightly more flexible. If you want to furnish your home office with chairs for clients or guests, simple and sturdy designs may do the trick. You can opt for simple wooden designs or choose upholstered seating to provide some extra support. Look out for designs that resemble comfortable dining chairs. These designs also work well around conference room tables, where employees remain seated for shorter periods of time. Stackable designs make excellent conference room choices, as they are easy to stow in a corner when they are not in use.

Material also plays a role when choosing an office chair. Upholstered designs offer the most support for deskwork, as the padding makes it easier to stay seated longer. west elm offers plenty of upholstered office chairs, from simple swivel designs to padded armchairs. Padded leather seating can also be comfortable during your office hours. If you want to opt for a chair with a hard seat, a cushion or decorative pillow can provide comfort and support during longer periods of work. Wood, metal and hard leather make excellent choices for reception areas and conference rooms, as they are durable enough to handle plenty of traffic.

Be sure to consider style and color as you browse. Your office chair should blend in with the rest of your office decor, including your desk and shelving. If your existing pieces are made of wood, an upholstered chair in any color can be easy to blend into the space. However, lacquered designs can be a bit trickier. In this case, you can either opt to match colors for a monochrome palette or choose contrasting colors for an eye-catching decor scheme. If you are mixing wooden desk chairs with a wooden desk, choose a color and finish that matches the desk as closely as possible.

Accessories can maximize your comfortable and supportive desk setup. Adding small storage such as organizers, trays and holders around your desktop within reach of your swivel chair keeps you from bending over or getting up, which reduces strain throughout the day. You can also use decorative objects such as vases, picture frames, candles, clocks and potted plants to create a cozy atmosphere.

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