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When it comes to decorating a space, your furniture plays a very large part in making it look and feel the way you imagine. In many rooms, your sofa or sectional is what stands out the most. A sectional sets the tone for the rest of the room. So whether you want to plan a space from scratch or breathe some major excitement into your existing design layout, picking out a sectional is a great place to start. west elm caters to every personality with sectionals that are laid back, elegant, retro and fashionable. These sectionals make it easy to get inspired when creating your dream room.


Where should you begin when deciding on the perfect sectional? Actually, that’s totally up to you. Focus on anything that jumps out at you. If it gets you excited now, it’s probably going to have the same effect when you put it in your living room or entertainment space. Here are a few suggestions to narrowing down the list of sectionals you love.


How do you imagine yourself using your sectional? Knowing whether you’re looking to just kick your feet up and relax or entertain guests instead – or both – is a big help in picking out the right size, style and shape of sectional. No matter what, our sectionals offer tons of comfort to make you smile.


If your lifestyle is all about good times with close friends, you might want to pick out a sectional with large cushions and plenty of room to sink back into. Everyone loves to recline with lots of room for stretching. Just pop in a movie or share a few drinks for an evening of laughter and relaxation. Oversized pillows contribute to that super comfy feel and look great during the day too.


To find what size sectional is right for your room, take a few measurements first. Comfortable generally means spacious. So it’s good to use a lot of your available floor area, but without making it feel crowded. Basically, you want to be able to enjoy yourself no matter what you’re doing. To make sure you can walk around the room without problems, try marking out a size that looks right to you with small pieces of masking tape on the floor. A lot of people find that In a large room, it’s best to go big! Smaller sectionals really bring intimate spaces together.


Your sectional is going to last for a long time. So if you’re the adventurous type and like to move around a lot, neutral tones can be very helpful. They fit easily into just about any kind of décor and match tons of different paint colors. Beige, cream, taupe and shades of white make spaces feel bright and airy. They work well with everything from wood flooring to light and dark carpeting. And don’t forget about the power of gray. It creates a color palette perfect for artistic expression and a sense of modern chic. Use a few favorite photographs or artwork and accent tables to make a striking impression.


In a light-colored living room, there’s nothing wrong with using a subdued furniture tone to match. It makes the whole space feel larger. But if you want your sectional to jump out as the room’s main accent piece, another option is to go with a vibrant color like yellow, red, dark blue or turquoise. They grab your attention immediately. Darker shades – even of neutral colors – are a big help in open-concept living rooms. They create a kind of visual marker that says where one area ends and the other begins. An accent rug can also have the same effect.


Custom sectionals let you design a furniture layout tailored to the particular size and shape of your room. Make it a long L, two equal sections running at an angle, a harmonious U layout or even two matching sectionals facing each other. Each option caters to a particular lifestyle. So whether you like formal parties, a romantic movie for two, huge family get-togethers or just a spot to lay down after work, it’s not hard to find exactly what you want.

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