Pull Out Sofas + Daybeds

It’s always fun when friends and family come through town and need a place to stay, but if you’re expecting guests and don’t currently have a good place for them to sleep, you’ll need solutions before they walk through your door. With west elm’s small beds and other guest sleeping solutions, you can make your home as comfortable as possible for the people you care about the most. From stylish sleeper sofas to efficient daybeds, our selection of convertible furniture help you turn your living room or home office into a comfortable guest room for anyone who needs a place to crash for the night.

We offer several different sofa bed styles to choose from so you can get the exact look and feel you want for your living room and guest bed setup. We offer futon-style sofa beds that fold down into a flat sleeping surface, using the sofa cushions themselves as a mattress. Other sofa bed styles include a separate mattress that folds and tucks into the body of the sofa when it’s not in use. If you don’t have a preference for one mattress style over the other, you can choose your sofa based on design cohesion with the rest of your home.

With either sofa bed mattress type, you can create a cushy, inviting space for your guests to get some sleep. Start by investing in a separate set of pillows, sheets and blankets for guest use only; this will keep your bedding fresh and crisp so guests can feel as comfortable as possible. You can also add a plush mattress topper to the bedding setup to ensure the most comfortable sleeping surface where weary travelers can rest for an evening. Choose a feather mattress topper to make the space ultra luxe or opt for a fiber or down-alternative pad for those with allergies or other aversions to down and feathers.

If you’d like to provide a more traditional sleeping surface that can double as a sofa, a daybed may be the right choice. Daybeds typically use a standard mattress in twin or full size, allowing you to have more customizable control over your guests’ comfort. Though they may look a bit different from a standard sofa, daybeds can be just as comfortable for sitting, making them a versatile choice for overflow sleeping space when and where you need it. When you don’t have guests over, you’ll love the stylish look of the daybed in your home.