Whether you live in a studio, a smaller apartment or a cozy house, west elm makes sure that you have everything you need to make it feel like home like the perfect kitchen table or sofa for the living room. Our furniture can help you create an open sensation even when you don’t have a lot of room to work with. Individuals need a place to sit down and eat breakfast or have a cup of coffee while checking the news on his or her phone or tablet. A great way to add a kitchen or dining table to your home without taking up a ton of space is to choose a round piece. That way you can eat meals comfortably while also leaving yourself room to move around easily. Roundtables also let you entertain friends even in a smaller apartment, thanks to a smart design that allows for additional seating. Another choice is to use a rectangular table that doubles as a kitchen island. Whether you decide to grab a portion of your living room – preferably close to a window for cheery illumination – or create a breakfast nook in the kitchen, these pieces are practical and beautiful.
Of course, the need for functionality doesn’t mean that your space can’t also be chic. Our kitchen and dining furniture are crafted using attractive materials like marble and wood that create a warm and elegant ambience. When you’re not enjoying a meal, we recommend using the tables to place colorful vases or other decorative objects that enhance a room and really turn it into an expression of your personality. Make sure to select trendy photography or artistic prints to further customize your home. Additionally, take advantage of wall areas to spice up your decor without adding clutter.