All Sofas

The very mention of sofas will likely remind you of a familiar image of this furniture – one that offers comfortable seating where you can settle in and relax. Apart from comfort, all sofas have the potential to complement and enhance the look and design that you want for your living space. In this regard, the style of the sofa, the upholstery fabric, its color and size are among your most important considerations when you begin shopping for this cozy furniture. At west elm, we offer a gorgeous selection of sofas in a wide range of styles, finishes and sizes to pair beautifully in any space. Our offerings provide that just-right sofa to suit your functional requirements and taste – and your comfort preferences.

The size of the sofa you need is likely among the first things that you check when you’re shopping all sofas; a well-proportioned sofa is a great way to provide balance in a room. Break out the tape measure and take careful measurements of the space where you want your new sofa to go. Then, compare these with the dimensions of the sofas you’re interested in. If you have ample space for a sofa, feel free to browse our sectional and three-seater sofa category to build a design that works beautifully in the unique layout of your home. For smaller living spaces, you may want to consider our love seats and settees.

Are you interested in creating a peaceful haven where guests can get some shuteye when they come to visit? Sleeper and futon sofas give them a place to recharge and give you more room to stretch out your legs on a relaxing evening. Our sofas have several configurations as sleepers, including pull-out spring coil mattresses, trundles and folding sofa backs with removable cushions. It’s also a joy to catch a few winks on our daybed sofas – and their pull-out trundles create plenty of space-saving comfort for guests or sleepover visitors.

When it comes to your style choices, we have designs to match. Our sofas come in diverse models ranging from modern and contemporary to classically traditional. Longer legs and angular lines typify modern sofas, while plush upholstery and low legs set contemporary sofas apart. Traditional sofas, on the other hand, feature ornate design and detailing. Before you make your choice, think about one more thing. The upholstery on the sofa also largely contributes to the overall look that it imparts in your living space. Our sofas, including the sofa pillows, are also available in a wide range of upholstery fabrics in varying weaves, colors and designs.