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Loveseats are among the most popular choices when it comes to living room sofas for a number of reasons. These pieces of furniture do not take up much space, but they do provide additional seating for larger living areas and, perhaps most importantly, give it a cozy and homier atmosphere. When shopping for loveseats, there are important factors to consider before you can buy the one that suits your requirements and your design preferences. west elm offers a wide range of loveseats in varying styles, colors, materials and features. Browse our collection of loveseats to find inspiration and to pick the right one for your living room.

Among the top factors to consider when buying a loveseat is its size. Unlike sectionals that take up a lot of space, loveseats are relatively small enough to fit into even the smallest living areas. However, it is still easy to miscalculate your available space and end up with a seat that is either larger or smaller than what you anticipated. Take out your tape measure and write down the measurements of the space where the loveseat will go to ensure that the furniture will fit just right. The width of our loveseats range from 56 inches to as wide as 76 inches, depending on its style.

When it comes to style, our offerings are primarily in modern and contemporary designs. Firmer cushions, longer legs and strong angles typify modern style loveseats, while lower legs, thicker upholstery and plush seating characterize contemporary loveseats. Whether on their own or as part of a collection our loveseats go well with most living room themes. You can add one of our loveseats to your living space either to complement or enhance your existing decor or theme.

Loveseats, regardless of style, should give you comfortable seating, and the type of upholstery determines the level of comfort each seat provides. Low-density cushions are the most affordable, but they tend to flatten over time and wear out faster. A bit more expensive are high-density cushions, which have firmer seating and are able to hold their shape longer. Down cushions are the most comfortable but are also the priciest and are not ideal for those with allergies to feathers. For the back cushions, our loveseats have either a pillow back or a tight back. Pillow backs are easier to maintain, while tight backs are firmer and keep their shapes for a long time.

Your other considerations when shopping for loveseats should also include the type of fabric. Some of our loveseat offerings have several upholstery fabric options, and these include top grain leather, eco weave, Nordic weave, tweed, velvet and twill. Choose an upholstery fabric and a color according to your tastes and one that blends well into your living space.