The Dekalb Collection

There’s something special about leather. Few materials have the ability to captivate the senses like it does. From leather’s smooth feel to distinctive appearance, we automatically associate it with words like quality and comfort. west elm’s Dekalb Collection showcases the natural beauty of high-quality materials paired masterfully with trendy contours. The result is furniture that adds a warm and inviting ambience to the room. An area rug can enhance that intimate feel. The soft touch of top-grain Italian leather is very relaxing to tired muscles. Because it’s aniline-dyed and hand-finished, you can be sure that the pristine beauty of this leather will last you a lifetime.
Our Dekalb Collection also includes sectional pieces. That makes it easy to customize a living room, office, or family room in a way that is both attractive and comfortable. You might try combining a sofa with a chaise, for example, to have a place both to sit when entertaining guests, and for reclining happily after a long day. An extra-long sofa, on the other hand, gives you a lot of space so that you can spend time with your whole family, watching a movie, playing games or just resting. With its thick cushions, the Dekalb Collection makes sure that you do it all in luxury. If you prefer to decorate your home with a wider color palette, our Dekalb upholstered sofa is available in countless hues, both subtle and intense. For curling up on a cool morning, a throw is practical and adds color to leather furniture as well. Sconces are another way to create a cozy atmosphere.