Hamilton Living Room Collection

Taking inspiration from mid-century modern designs, the Hamilton Living Room Collection offers functionality along with the classy elegance that one can expect from this design philosophy. The Hamilton Living Room Collection seating furniture pieces pay homage to the 1950s modernist silhouettes with their sleek profile, and tapered legs and straight armrests. Unlike its bulkier, contemporary counterparts, this west elm upholstered seating collection has a leaner frame and cleaner contours that give your living space an air of sophistication with its minimalist yet stylish elegance. The Hamilton Living Room Collection has an overall look that exudes class in its simplicity, which also gives it the versatility to fit well with and complement your existing modern living room decor.

Apart from giving your living room a look of sophisticated elegance, modern furniture also gives it an illusion of having more space. This makes the Hamilton Living Room Collection an ideal choice for you if you have a limited floor area in your living room or just want it to appear comfortably roomier as opposed to looking stuffy. While this collection appears to be slender at first glance, youʼll realize that it provides comfortable seating and lounging with its deep seating and plush cushions that have that sink-right-in plushness. These upholstered furniture pieces rest atop solid poplar wood legs with an almond finish. As with most of our living room seating offerings, the Hamilton Living Room Collection pieces have adjustable levelers within the legs to ensure that they remain steady and stable even while on uneven flooring.

Sofas are among the most popular choice of living room seating furniture because it is easy to plan a layout around them. The sleeker profile of the Hamilton Living Room Collection makes its seating even more ideal for smaller spaces. With widths of 68 inches and 81 inches, the Hamilton sofa choices will likely fit well into small and average-sized living rooms. The narrower sofa hovers around the love seat size standards and can comfortably seat two individuals with room to spare. The longer Hamilton sofa can seat three or more persons. Either of these sofas pair well with a couple of arm chairs, a side table or two, a coffee table and a nice throw rug.

Sectionals are an obvious first option for you if you have a large living room space or have an open floor plan. As focal points in your living room, sectionals work very well in anchoring the room. Their large size also makes them good dividers if you have an open floor plan to separate your dining room or kitchen from the living room. Keep in mind that when you choose to purchase the Hamilton Living Room Collection sectional, make sure to order them in the right orientation. Because the sectional in this collection is a chaise sectional, double-check if your layout requires for you to have a right or left arm sectional. An easy way to determine this would be to imagine yourself facing the sofa and your right or left determines the location of the arm, which is usually opposite the chaise.

The Hamilton Living Room Collection sectional only has two pieces, which means that it can also fit even in a smaller living room space. Should you have a larger living room floor area and still want to have sofas as centerpieces, you can pair two sofas together or use several other seating furniture, such as accent chairs or ottomans. The Hamilton Living Room Collection comes in either luster velvet or durable tweed upholstery. The 81-inch wide sofa comes with a lot more upholstery fabric choices as special orders with an 8- to 10-week delivery period.