Plateau Collection

The Plateau Collection of furniture emphasizes sleek lines for a no fuss, clean and contemporary image. Durable fabric is built to last and withstand kids, pets and cocktail parties. Neutral tones blend with any motif. You can add pieces to it to expand the seating which makes it customized for your tastes and needs. Move it where you want it because it adapts subtly to the room.

The armless sofas can fit into small spaces or stand alone in big areas. Add some throw pillows for color accents. Pillows covered in plush velvet material come in many colors and patterns. With the neutral tones in the furniture collection, you can really choose whatever you prefer in the pillows. Solid silks are elegant. Or go for faux fur or funky abstract prints. Mix and match with sizes, shapes and designs to add dimensional variety to the sofa.

Two-piece sofa designs with an added chaise provide more seating space. The chaise allows you to stretch your legs out so you can relax with a good book or while watching TV. Fold a decorative throw over the back of the chaise. It will come in handy for last minute naps. Textured throws with hippie fringe in abstract designs complement this type of furniture. Basketweave patterns and faux fur enhance the eclectic style of the sofa too. The chaise actually lifts up at the bottom to reveal a convenient storage area beneath. A gas-lifting mechanism lifts the lid and never completely closes unless there is weight on top. This is for child safety concerns.

The collection is versatile and can be used in a den, living room, bedroom or sunroom. The multi-purpose ottoman can be attached to the sofa or left free-standing. It has a hidden table that you can pull out and also has extra storage underneath. Store bar tools like a wine bottle coaster, corkscrew and bottle stopper in the storage area for quick, ready-to-use bar area. When it comes time for a glass of wine at the end of the day, you can pull out the table, grab a bottle of wine and some glasses to start happy hour. Use the ottoman as an extra seat, to prop your feet up, as a table or as hidden storage. And when the mood strikes, your ottoman transforms into a bar.

Place a floor lamp by the sofa for necessary lighting. Arched floor lamps are esoteric in design and look fabulous wherever they are placed. Upright floor lamps with globe lights can squeeze into small areas to emit lots of light. Tripod floor lamps give off an architectural vibe while illuminating the space. The lights are certainly practical because you need them at night, but our selection at west elm adds an extra element to the decor.

Put a rug on the floor to add cushion for your feet. Fido can curl up for a comfortable afternoon snooze and kids can play happily on a rug. Rugs can be monochromatic or with bright, artistic patterns. They are sewn in rectangular and round shapes, and even a cowhide design. Fringed rugs are gypsy-like and shag is throwback retro. There are plenty of choices so you can find exactly what you want.

Complete the room by hanging dimensional art on the wall. White-washed wood, crystal formations, floated brass or recycled metal art creates a conversational area. Or hang a kinetic mobile over the sofa. These out-of-the-ordinary pieces step way out of the box just like the furniture collection. Guests will naturally gravitate to this area with interest.