The Rochester Collection

Far more than just a place to sit, furniture sets the tone for the entire room. The right piece can transform an ordinary space into a classy spot ideal for relaxation and afternoon drinks, or a modern expression of creativity and style. At west elm, our furniture is designed to move you, relieving stress and promoting a happier outlook. It also has the power to affect the overall ambience of your home. The Rochester Collection does just that. With distinctive contours and a tufted appearance, it is absolutely unforgettable. Reminiscent of the 1920s, our Chesterfield sofas and love seats create an air of sophistication in a living room or office that will practically make you feel like ordering a martini and listening to live music. Whether watching TV or entertaining friends, you’ll feel totally at ease, and your company will be impressed with your great taste. A bar cart lets you prepare elegant drinks for guests with flair. The Chesterfield Swivel Armchair is both extremely comfortable and chic, with high arms and a cubical appearance that add an artistic touch to any room. This makes it a great choice for classic home decor as well as trendy layouts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold furniture colors like dark grays or blues to give your home panache. Lighting can also have a big effect on your space. A retro pendant might be exactly what you’re looking for.