Totes + Travel Gifts

At west elm, we know that watching someone’s face light up as they open a favorite present feels great. If you’re looking for a gift for a friend, coworker or family member, one way to find something they love is to focus on items that fit their lifestyle. Some people have a more laid-back and introspective personality – they adore reading and soaking in a bubble bath – whereas others try to squeeze every ounce of excitement possible from their day. Just like a best friend, great presents like to go along with them for the ride. What can you get for someone who is always on-the-go? Our totes and travel gifts might be the perfect presents for weekend jetsetters, beach aficionados and people who like to raise the bar on interoffice fashion.

Totes and travel gifts are practical. In the world of gifts, that’s a big thing. When a present is useful, it gets used. A lot. Most people head out of the house on a daily basis. Some do it for work, and others just to have some fun at the mall or the beach. Busy moms and dads run errands, grab groceries and take their kids to the park, many times in the same trip. Exercise enthusiasts like to stay fit, grabbing a water bottle for hydration while they go for a morning jog. Afterwards they might head to a local farmer’s market for some fresh produce. With a tote, you’re ready for anything.

Another reason totes easily become a favorite gift is because they mix functionality and style. Handbags with bold colors and attention-grabbing images make a definite fashion statement. It’s a way for friends to declare their independence – or start a small workplace revolution – and show that being hip has nothing to do with age or social position and everything to do with personal expression. People like to have options for creating jaw-dropping outfits that fit their personality. That means it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a tote, since both men and women appreciate lots of variety in their wardrobe.

What kind of personalities get really passionate about travel gifts? There are tons of types that love to travel, although for different reasons. The adventurer, for example, can’t wait until the weekend rolls around or they get to cash in on an extended summer vacation. Soaking in sunlight, walking along the beach or going for a swim in the ocean is incredible, but it’s only half of the fun for intrepid explorers. Going somewhere they’ve never been – or trying foods they’ve never tasted – is a big part of what defines them. Adventurers never leave the house without a tote, backpack or duffel bag, so they’re prepared anytime they feel like making their own detour.

Dedicated and innovative workplace professionals also like to travel well-equipped. When getting ready for work in the morning, a tote lets them scoop up any business essentials in a hurry. A travel makeup case lets you take care of your makeup while waiting in traffic. Travel adapters for your electronic devices keep your phone charged in your car and give you access to your favorite playlist to inspire you and pass the time with a positive attitude.

There are lots of reasons why moms and dads treasure totes so much, and there are virtually endless situations in which these items make life easier. When surprising kids with a trip to the beach or a park, totes offer room for plenty of water, snacks, cash, beach towels, slippers, sunglasses for everyone and sunblock. That way kids are protected and have fun too. Phones are nice to have in case something unexpected comes up, and with your trusty tablet along, you can listen to music or read a book while reclining under a beach umbrella. For trips to the store, totes hold car keys, credit cards, makeup cases for retouching, haircare items and anything else you want to look your best anytime.

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