Decorating with Garland

Like a scarf around your neck accessorizes your clothing outfit, garland can accent various areas in your home. And garland is easy to use and simple to hang. We at west elm will show you how.

Hang Garland on Your Staircase

Wrap garland through the spindles or across the railing of your staircase to add flair to the steps. Secure it with wire or string. Insert some faux flowers with the garland. Red or white hydrangeas, amaryllis blossoms and berries are beautiful accents to include on the stairwell. They are maintenance-free, so you don’t have to water or prune them. You can store them after the holiday and bring them out year after year for your decorating. The garland adorned with flowers makes a stunning statement in your home because of the height and depth that it covers.

Jazz Up Your Mantel

Swoops of garland hanging along your fireplace mantel look fabulous. The evergreen color of the garland enhances red and white or silver personalized stockings hanging along the edge. The stockings can dangle lazily while waiting for Santa to arrive to fill them with treats on Christmas Eve. String strands of lights intertwining with the garland and the stockings. Holiday-themed twinkling stars, tinsel lights and brilliant snowflakes add illumination and elegance to the fireplace. Sipping hot chocolate by the fire will be a wonderful way to spend nights during the Christmas season.

Use Garland to Decorate Your Porch

Dress up your covered porch or balcony with garland along the roof or railing. Drape it so it drops down a little in the middle a few times around the outdoor space. Double up the garland for a thicker dimensional vibe. You can hang the garland with small hooks that screw into the wood or try thumbtacks to stabilize it. Add some votive candles along the railing to serve as ambient luminaries to light up the area at night. Mix and match glittery gold and sparkly silver or bright red and crisp white candles. The candles will light the way for carolers who might stop by.

Liven Up the Front Door

Welcome friends and neighbors to your home by hanging garland over your front door. You can string it straight across or hang it so it actually frames the door. Lace decorative ribbon through the garland for added color and texture. Combine different colors or use one for a monochromatic accent. Put a holiday wreath on the front door that complements the garland. Many wreaths are pre-lit with strands of lights that work by battery. We have a beautiful selection of seasonal wreaths, from those made of sage, berries or birch to others made of magnolia leaves or boxwoods. Peace sign shapes and gilded leaves are also options. Some of the wreaths actually match specific garland for a uniform look.

Get some ball-type ornaments to scatter around the garland and the wreath. Ornaments aren’t just for decorating Christmas trees. They are versatile accessories that can hang on lampshades, fireplace screens and over bathroom mirrors. Multi-colored spheres, dazzling snowflakes, red or silver balls will add some pop wherever they are placed. Use ornament hooks to hang them on the stairwell garland or railing, garland over the front door or on the holiday wreath. You can also rest the large ornaments haphazardly on the mantel to enhance the fireplace area and bring your holiday decor together.

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