Refresh a Bedroom With Teen Bedding

Make an instantaneous difference in your teenager's bedroom with teen bedding. These bedding sets and single elements are made for them to love the design, color and texture, while you rest just as easy knowing they're enjoying high-quality sheets, blankets and other covers that are easy to keep clean and last a long time. Take a look at the superlative range of bedding elements available now. From fitted or flat sheets to fluffy duvets with the most stylish covers, you can make shopping for teen bedding an exciting way to introduce a new look or refresh one everyone already loves. Since bedding is so easy to change, be sure to check back often to discover new looks and selections.

What Is Teen Bedding?

Teen bedding is similar to the bedding you've always chosen from west elm. Materials like organic cotton or flannel feel soft and inviting against your teenager's skin, while a high-end weave and favorable thread count mean sheets and blankets keep sleeping kids comfortable.

  • Start with a sheet set. These usually include a fitted sheet that has an elastic edge to wrap around the edge of your teen's mattress and a flat sheet that gets used as part of the covers. Sheet sets may also include two pillowcases in the same color or pattern.
  • After your sheet set, select a set of pillow shams. These pillow cases include a banded edge or other border that extends outward for decoration. You can use these to prop up the pillow cases that match your sheet set.
  • Layer up on blankets, including full-sized blankets or throws. Monogrammed styles personalize the look for teens, while different textures let you customize bedding for different climates or seasons.
  • Choose a top layer, like a quilt or duvet. Duvets get duvet covers, while quilts can also decorate the foot of the bed.
  • Finally, decide upon a bed skirt. These simple pieces can be minimalist or adorned with box pleats or ruffles to stand out.

Selecting New Colors and Patterns

Choose new teen bedding colors to bring out the personality of your furnishings and decor. In some instances, you may want a total transformation. In other rooms, you might just choose to call out an accent color.

  • When making the transition from kids bedding, start shopping for more elegant or subdued colors or patterns on a larger scale.
  • To enhance a seasonal style, select lots of sheet sets in spring or fall colors. Pick out heavier textures like flannel or other holiday bedding to enjoy updating teen decor a few times a year.
  • Change the look entirely with a full redecoration that includes an all-new palette and aesthetic. As teens develop their own sense of decor, their bedding follows suit.

Redecorating your teen's bedroom can be a rewarding way to spend time together. Select teen bedding with your teenager to make their room the best it can be.