Teen Room Decor for Instant Updates

Start creating an entirely new look with teen room decor. When your teen's bedroom or other space is in need of a refresh, updating the decor can do the trick in no time at all. Using accent pieces and decorating skills makes a room look brand new, plus you and your teen both can enjoy the versatility of lighter pieces you can move around to test out different styles. Place artwork on this wall, a throw blanket on a desk chair or maybe over an ottoman. See how string lights look across the ceiling or by a window. There's no limit to all the exciting ways you can style teen room decor to reflect your chosen aesthetic and personal taste.

New Kinds of Decor

Explore which kind of teen room decor you love the most when you shop the excellent selection of design elements, accessories and accents available at west elm right now. Update these pieces seasonally or any time you do a major refresh.

  • Make the transition from kids decor to a more grown-up teen look with bolder wall art and surface decor, like trays or boxes.
  • Create a strong foundation for design with rugs for teens. Crafted to showcase the colors, textures and proportions teens love, new rugs can update a room immediately.
  • Check out lighting options. Pair a desk lamp with a new floor lamp to provide illuminated harmony across different areas of your teen's room.
  • Try refreshing bedding, like a duvet cover with a fun pattern or a stack of blankets that teens can layer in cooler weather and use alone on warmer nights.
  • See what's new in window treatments with upscale options in blackout curtains that look great in a youthful room -- and let kids get their all-important slumber even when the sun is bright.

Decorating to Coordinate with Furnishings

When you start shopping for new teen room decor, you may enjoy perusing look books or seeing how modern designers put a room together. It's fun and easy to shop by look, especially when you know everything comes from one place you already love and trust.

  • Take your cues from styled rooms that showcase all the elements you need to pull off an elegant bedroom or teen lounge. Seeing the big pictures helps you hone in on the details.
  • Feel free to experiment with your look. You can love the boho-chic style you've already got and still pull off beach-house vibes or a glamorous corner for your vanity or by your closet.
  • Play with singular pieces. Let one piece of decor you seriously love take over an area like the corner of your desk or a nightstand. Choose a complementary piece for a teen study or lounge, then decorate around the main focal points.

Establish a new aesthetic with decorative objects or just enjoy a meaningful tweak to the look you already have.