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Brighten up a room in your home during the daytime or create a relaxed ambience in the evening with carefully selected lighting. Whether you’re looking for directional lighting, pieces that make a statement, functionality over decorative looks or lighting that highlights a particular area, we have a vast selection to cover all your needs.

Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a feature in itself and turns an unused space into a focal point of the room. An adjustable design allows you to direct the light in a specific direction to highlight some artwork or an ornament in the room. An arcing floor lamp placed next to or behind your couch lets you read in comfort, while a floor lamp with a dimmer switch means you can flood the room with light or tone it down to a cozy glow.

Table Lamps

A table lamp warms up a room with its soothing glow. Place one on an accent table in an entryway to welcome guests as they step into your home. A bookshelf or side table is the perfect place for a table lamp so that it creates a warm ambience in a living room. For a bedroom, a task lamp sheds light on your book at bedtime in the same way that you can utilize a task lamp on your home office desk.


Make an impressive statement in any room with a beautiful west elm chandelier. A tiered or upturned chandelier goes particularly well in a spacious environment with a more traditional design. To match contemporary decor, opt for a mobile chandelier with glass orbs. Set off a designer kitchen with a linear dome chandelier and enjoy an intimate dining experience when low hanging orbs are above the table.


A pendant immediately draws the eye when you walk into a room, so tie the design in with the room’s decor to pull the look together. An open weave design emits a soft glow while a round pendant with glass discs looks striking in modern surroundings. A single pendant creates spot lighting for a certain area, such as a study desk or kitchen countertop. Group pendants together at different heights to add character to a room.

Sconces and Decorative Lighting

Completely change the look of a wall with a decorative wall sconce. An unusual design adds artistic flair to a space while an overarching wall sconce adds a practical touch when placed next to an armchair. As you work in the home office, direct light onto your work with an adjustable wall sconce. Add illumination on either side of the bathroom mirror with fresh designs to match the bathroom accents.