Ceiling fans

Keep the air circulating in your hom, whether it’s during warm summer days or on fall evenings when it’s a bit on the cooler side with plenty of ceiling fans throughout the house. Even if you have air conditioning for the hottest days, running the fans installed on your ceiling helps move the air-conditioned air around the room, keeping it from becoming stagnant. A traditional white, three-blade fan from west elm fits in with any decor, whether in the main family room, any bedroom within the residence or the laundry room. This classic fan features a size that works well for low-ceiling rooms, and with the included light, it becomes a convenient light for reading or illuminating the rooms.

Synchronize your kitchen decor by combining metal and wood in your ceiling fan to complement your wood furnishings and metal appliances. The wooden blades match your kitchen table and chairs while the remaining metal parts bring out the flair of the room’s similar elements. When you need overhead lighting to go with your floor lamps for better illumination in the family room, a fan attached to the ceiling that also features a light is an ideal addition to the space. The three-speed setting is easy for anyone to control with a simple remote, even the younger members in the family.

Be a little different and the envy of your house guests when it comes to adding a little breeze via a floor fan to the television room with one that features a tripod stand. The triple legs enhance the look of the fan more so than the traditional single-stand fan, and the unusual base gives the device extra stability from anyone accidentally knocking it over. The wooden legs remind everyone of a camera tripod yet these three legs hold a classic metal fan on top that offers the normal high, medium and low speeds, giving users plenty of options for the breeze you can create. Jazz up your entryway with one these triple-legged fans, giving guests immediate relief when first stepping into your home on a blistering summer day.

If you live in a geographical location that doesn’t necessarily require air conditioning but are where, on the occasions when the temperatures do rise, having a fan overhead is a nice convenience. Double the fan’s use with one that also features an LED light that offers dimming capability, allowing you to customize the room’s lighting, depending on the activities taking place. Turn it up all the way for evening reading and studying sessions or dim it down low while watching your favorite nighttime television shows. Also, having a ceiling fan that provides a tasteful wood and metal style enhances any room it resides in, adding to the decor.

If you work from home, spending several hours a day at your desk, where the room’s fan doesn’t quite offer you the relief you are looking for on those sizzling summer afternoons, then you can answer that need with a handy desk fan. These fans take up only a small footprint on your desktop and sit as close to you as you like. Like its larger counterparts, you have a choice of three breeze settings, and an 8-foot cord gives you a large perimeter to an electrical socket that is not right next to your desk. This clever little breeze maker is lightweight, and its compact size makes it a handy breeze implement that you can plant on your living room side table while you relax on the couch, giving your direct air blowing nearby. You can even place it on the kitchen island while cutting and preparing vegetables when you have the oven and stove burners running full blast.