Industrial Lighting + Fans

Industrial design can be traced back to the late 1960s, but its popularity has been on the rise during the past decade or so. Cars and computers have been appearing on the scene, but so has interior design, with its furniture and light bulbs leading the way into this utilitarian utopia. For those who reside in loft apartments, modern homes and commercial spaces around the world, an industrial design unapologetically displays the building materials that many others try to hide. Industrial design, as applied to your living space, is about adding a raw, unfinished look, using those pieces that are equal parts from and function in the process.

Industrial pieces add a sense of mystery to any home. Two of the most common industrial furniture materials being used are metal and wood. Since these supplies are as versatile as they are trendy, it should be noted that industrial pieces blend well with a wide variety of design styles, from rustic to modern and everything in-between.

Whether your living space is already considered industrial in its design or not doesn't matter. You can add industrial elements from west elm to give your place the look of which you've always dreamed. Industrial furniture can evoke the feel of a factory, warehouse or laboratory, but so can lighting. Your industrial lighting can appear in many forms: sitting on a desk as a task lamp, sprawling from a wall to provide light for reading or rising from the floor or hanging from the ceiling as one or part of a larger group – in or out of a glass shade.

Industrial task table lamps are the popular, go-to answer to illuminating your work, swiveling and adjusting to direct light wherever it’s needed. Not only does the lamp look good perched on top of your workspace, but it also serves to bend to precisely the right angle you need to light the way to a more productive workday. Find one with a USB port at its base to charge your smartphone, and you will have solved more than one problem.

An industrial task floor lamp delivers a different version of the popular industrial task table lamp. It provides a warm glow and often has a swiveling, double-jointed arm that allows light to be directed wherever it's needed. It's a great option for reading or, appropriately enough, working from the couch or your favorite lounge chair.

A wall-mounted light provides great functionality in both bedrooms and living rooms, typically with a slim, adjustable profile. If you like to read in bed, this is a wonderful option. When added to a wall in your living room, it can adjust to hover above your couch or favorite chair as you read, knit or complete the latest crossword puzzle.

If you're planning to light any room from above, you have plenty of possibilities. Nothing defines the industrial lighting look more than bare bulbs hanging form the ceiling. To go bare or not is your question. Consider the look you are going for and how much light you want to produce from the ceiling. Then, hang a solo bulb or three – or more – at even or staggered heights to create a truly eye-catching display. Make it five bulbs, and you've got a chandelier.

Above the dining room table, try hanging several bulbs, evenly spaced with or without clear glass shades or jars. With adjustable hanging lengths for each bulb and shade, it's easy to customize the space to suit your personal preference. Change it daily if you'd like, or adjust them when you have company over for dinner. The same treatment can be applied above tables, counters or desks – even in a hallway.

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