Mid Century Modern Lighting

Mid century modern lighting is in high demand these days, and its popularity extends beyond mere trendiness into timelessness. Like other home decor inspired by this retro design period, mid century modern lighting fixtures feature clean lines, innovative shapes and imaginative details that are sure to fascinate and delight you and your guests. These classic lamps are available in many styles: table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, pendants, chandeliers, and more. The lighting complements contemporary furniture, contemporary furniture too, while mixing exquisitely with fine antiques, whether from the Queen Anne, Chippendale or Art Deco era.

No matter what your taste in materials, you'll find something to love in our lamps. Materials range from marble, colored glass and ceramics to metals with gleaming brass or nickel finishes. The list of sizes and shapes goes on an on, as well. Browse through our catalog to get a close-up look at task lamps, globe lamps, tripods, extension lamps, and lamps with smooth, faceted, and rippled surfaces, for instance. Table lamps table lamps come in round, bullet, taper, and an almost endless array of other shapes.

A lamp can stand out boldly as a signature piece or act as a gentle backdrop to other home decor, such as eye-catching wall art and mirrors. The style of your lamp can also influence how it delivers light to your home. You can use lighting fixtures from west elm to help carve an open space into different living areas. If your home has ample separate rooms, our lamps can help to give each of them a distinctive look and feel.

In a den or sitting room with a retro flair, impress your guests with our colored glass table lamps, offered in a choice of tall, medium, and small sizes. Perfect for use on end tables, as well as in less expected places, all three lamps are available in rich and gorgeous blue hues and include a touch of luxe marble. An area rug,area rug> in a beautiful blue pattern can make a marvelous accompaniment.

For a spicy, modern look, check out our delightful, paprika-colored dbO Home Table Lamp. This statement lamp features a ribbed ceramic base and a natural linen shade. Pair it with a couch and plush pillows in warm, earthy tones.

In some senses, you might not be living all that differently today than people did during the mid-century. Many living quarters today remain small, and many folks continue to move around frequently. Sconce lamps like our stylish, metallic Curvilinear double sconce give you one way of conserving on space, since they attach to your walls.

Some of floor and table lamps from west elm give off a soft, diffuse glow that's great for evenings when you want to watch TV in the living room or invite some neighbors over for coffee and conversation. One example here is our elegant Overarching Linen Shade Floor lamp, which angles in from the side of a sofa to provide a swath of light.

Some of our other mid century modern lamps are adjustable, delivering beams of bright light for a reading while you're cuddled under bed covers or curled up in a cozy nook elsewhere in the house. For example, our task lamps are small table or desk lamps with head sthat swivel to shed light just where it is needed.

No room for a table or desk in the reading nook? No problem. Our innovative Telescoping Floor Lamp offers a slim, space-conscious profile, together with an adjustable height for bringing the light to where it can shine directly on your reading material.

In other parts of your home, such as the kitchen and dining area, you'll certainly require a roomful of light at times. Ceiling fixtures such as our pendant and chandelier lamps, made of deluxe solid brass, are expressly designed for just those situations. Part of the west elm Collection, the lamps are collaborative effort between us at west elm, Rejuvenation, and Pacific Northwest lighting studio Cedar & Moss.

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