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Springtime and summertime are excellent opportunities to kick back and relax. From enjoying cocktails by the pool to catching a few rays on a warm afternoon, these two seasons are the best times of the year to be outdoors having barbecues, celebrations and simple gatherings. It’s truly a gift if you’re able to relax and enjoy the seasons in your own backyard. Whether you have a spacious deck or patio where you can stretch out and have a few get-togethers or a large backyard with plenty of space and a pool, having the right outdoor accessories and furniture can turn your backyard or deck into a Mecca of relaxation and enjoyment. All outdoor furniture and accessories that we offer at west elm carry the same modern and contemporary vibe you’ve grown to love for your indoor furniture and decor. Choose from a wealth of different styles and options to turn your backyard into a paradise for the warm weather seasons.


Ideally, your deck, patio or backyard has two separate functions as a living space. First of all, this is an excellent spot for outdoor dining, cocktail parties or other celebrations during the warm season. Depending on how much space you have at your disposal, the addition of outdoor dining furniture offers plenty of seating for your guests for a large party and works well for simple family dinners any night of the week. Choose from different dining pieces or sets that complement your existing decor while providing an elegant, functional place to dine. Dining benches and chairs are excellent for larger parties as well as young and older children. With benches, you can seat several people at the same time for an outdoor barbecue. An outdoor dining table with chairs is an option as well. Many of these outdoor dining sets are expandable, allowing you to seat six for a family affair, or just you and your significant other for a romantic outdoor meal. Bistro and bar tables are another fun idea. Place several of these throughout your deck, such as in corners, for a tiki bar-like atmosphere and feel.


The second function your deck, patio or backyard provides is that of comfortable living space. Depending on the amount of space you have, you may want to add everything from an outdoor sectional to a simple outdoor chaise lounge, so you’re able to relax during the warm summer days and nights. There are several different types of outdoor sectionals available, all made of durable all-weather materials that are sure to last for years of enjoyment. With sectionals, you can situate the pieces any way you like to suit your space. Top off an L-shaped sectional with a durable outdoor teak coffee table in the middle or add outdoor side tables to each side of a horizontal sectional to add adequate space for drinks and food.


Outdoor sofas, love seats and chairs also work well, especially when used in combination with a dining set. This allows you and your guests enough room to mingle and enjoy food and drink. When you’re in the mood for soaking in a little bit of sun or want to catch up on your reading, an outdoor chaise lounge is the perfect piece of furniture for your needs. Durable enough to withstand sun, rain and extreme weather, a chaise lounge is also light enough to carry into the backyard for comfort. Some chaise lounges also have wheels or folding capabilities, allowing you take them on vacation or to the park or beach. If you’re looking to add garden or backyard seating to your space, a simple outdoor bench is a wonderful thought. Place next to your gazebo or in your rose garden for an elegant, timeless touch.