Outdoor Lanterns + Hurricanes

When you arrange your outdoor furniture, don’t forget to leave room for some stunning but smaller decorative elements. Specifically, leave room for west elm’s beautiful outdoor lanterns and hurricane lamps, which twinkle beautifully in the sunlight and allow you to provide a warm, glowing light source for summertime dinners and parties with friends that stretch well into the night. Just as they do indoors, lanterns and candles provide a heightened sense of comfort and civility to an outdoor space. You can use just one as a table centerpiece or use an entire collection to create romantic groupings all around your patio or garden. Either way, you’ll be adding a useful accessory that elevates your outdoor areas and gives them a magical quality.

To start out with, it’s important to understand what hurricanes are. In this context, we’re talking about beautiful candleholders, not weather events or cocktails. Hurricane lanterns are big and dramatic, allowing you to display a large pillar candle on its own or groups of candles together for a dramatic effect. To create some dimension and texture, you can add some sand or another vase filler at different depths to your grouping of hurricanes to elevate the candles to different heights and create a more aesthetically varied vignette. But even if you don’t do much to dress them up at all other than placing a candle inside, our hurricanes still add a delightful and classically elegant dimension to your garden or patio.

All of our lanterns can be helpful in allowing you to update any outdoor space, even a stretch of a balcony on a towering urban apartment block. If you’re short on space, you can use one of our storage trays to create a contained, organized grouping of lanterns and a small potted plant or two. Start with a tall, stately lantern at the back of the grouping and fill in with staggered descending heights toward the front. You’ll immediately create a focal point to catch the eye, dressing up your space with an effortless ease that still allows the beauty of the landscape to shine through. You can add other decorative objects to the area too, including small sculptural objects or even a decorative lamp such as a lighted marquee.

Our lanterns and hurricanes pair well with vases too, so you can cut flowers from your garden or bring in a fresh bouquet from the summer farmers’ market to embellish the area, adding pops of color and texture to your space. If you choose to leave your vases empty, they can still pull decorative duty, adding a sculptural opacity to an arrangement that includes sparklingly translucent lanterns. You can also choose to add faux greenery or dried botanicals into the mix, injecting further variations of texture and even some additional fragrance to your outdoor room.

It’s easy to have the best of intentions when arranging an outdoor space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you end up using the space. Make your outdoor space more inviting and appealing to both you and the loved ones who live with you and come to visit. Lanterns and hurricanes can make the area feel more structured and pleasant, but other outdoor accessories can also make your garden, patio, deck or porch more appealing. If live in an area where things can get pretty chilly when the sun goes down, adding some outdoor-friendly throw blankets to your lounge furniture or a handy basket lets your guests know that they can combat any shivers and get snuggly. Our other outdoor accessories, including elegant fire pits, can add to the manifold attractions you’ve added in the space and make a truly cozy outdoor area for gatherings of family and friends.