Garden Planters

Accessories can really make a space something special, and this is as true outdoors as it is inside your home. If you have outdoor space, be it a grassy yard with a patio or an airy balcony off of your apartment’s living room, there are lots of ways to make that part of your home more enjoyable. west elm’s garden planters add texture, color and civility to any outdoor area. If your backyard is a barely tamed jungle, adding a planter or two can allow you to feel a sense of control with the flora on your property, and if there are no plants to be seen in the area, a few well-placed planters can remedy that situation.

You don’t have to be a plant whisperer to make use of garden planters. Add some greenery to a planter with some of our decorative faux botanicals, which remain cheerful and green without any assistance on your part. But if you want to try your hand at gardening for the first time, outdoor plants, especially those that are native to your area, can often fend for themselves if you give them the right exposure to sunlight and rain. Your local garden nursery can help you branch out, so to speak, into easy-care outdoor plants that look great on your patio or terrace and add an extra element of beauty to our already-lovely planters. If you are blessed with a green thumb, use our planters for ornamental greenery, flowering plants and even fruit- or vegetable-bearing species.

Garden planters are lovely on their own, but you can make them part of a complete outdoor decor scheme by pairing your planters with some stately lanterns. The right arrangement of lanterns and planters can lend structure and elegance to the outdoors, creating defined spaces that allow you to develop a comfortable and useful fresh-air setup. Like planters, lanterns and hurricanes balance form and function, shedding literal and figurative light on your yard or balcony while bringing visual interest and a reflection of your personal style from the inside of your home to the outside. To create a complete vignette with outdoor planters and lanterns, start with a large, tall planter as an anchor and arrange three or more lanterns of varying height in a cluster around the front of the planter.

Vases can also help complete an outdoor vignette, especially when you place them on a tabletop. This is where having flowering or growing ornamental plants growing in your garden planters comes in handy. Clip off some blooms or branches and arrange them in the vases on your table to create a cohesive, botanically inspired decor scheme that carries the same shapes, colors and textures to multiple points in your outdoor area. If you’re using large lanterns around your planters, purchase some smaller versions of the same lantern to arrange on your table with your vase so you can complete the theme.

Thanks to our signature mid-century modern-inspired style, our garden planters pair beautifully with our outdoor furniture. It’s easy to create a seamlessly cohesive outdoor arrangement by simply picking the pieces that appeal to you. Blending timeless good design with of-the-moment detaining, all our outdoor pieces, from the planters to the chairs, are carefully crafted to allow you maximum enjoyment and effortless style. Your additions and inspirations can only enhance the blank canvas that our outdoor designs present. Take a look through our planters and let your imagination roam free. You can create your own domestic jungle in no time with just a few clicks and a trip to your local garden nursery. And while your inspiration is taking you to new heights outdoors, add some stylish planters or terrariums for your indoor spaces as well.