Outdoor Accent Tables

Outdoor spaces are versatile, refreshing and amazing. There are so many things you can do outside. Entertaining friends on your patio puts everyone at ease and lets you take in gorgeous views of blue skies and brilliant sunsets while enjoying each others’ company long into the night. Poolside spaces are fun for the whole family and quite relaxing if you feel like enjoying an ice-cold lemonade after a swim. You don’t even need a big backyard to take in some fresh air – an apartment or condominium balcony is ideal for drinking your morning coffee as the sun comes up. At west elm, we want to help you design an outdoor space that makes you happy. Maybe you’re starting from scratch or you already have a layout in mind, but want to add a piece or two to give things even more flair. Whatever your situation, our outdoor accent tables can help put the finishing touches on your dream design.

Accent tables for the outdoors come in several different flavors. Coffee tables are a traditional mainstay for informal entertaining. They’re often used as the accent piece in a furniture arrangement since they bring everything together in a harmonious group. That way, you can use virtually any combination of sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs and even ottomans, and they all look right at home. Side tables usually complement the rest of your layout, adding colorful details and texture to the scene. Each piece gives you another layer of art that captures your attention everywhere you look.

Are there rules for how big a coffee table needs to be to fit with your lounge area? Actually, no. Feel free to be as creative as you want when choosing the size and shape of a coffee table. Traditional rectangular coffee tables fit effortlessly into the corner spaces of an L- or U-shaped sectional. Many interior designers recommend leaving around 14 inches to 18 inches between the table and your sofa or sectional. That way, it’s easy for people to sit down and move around freely.

If you want to use a circular or oval coffee table instead, you can feel free to do so. A smaller table with a sofa or sectional won’t feel out of place at all. In fact, it gives the space a more open feel. Guests can come and go as they wish and wander around the space, sipping their drinks at their leisure. This works well for minimalist styles as well. A neutral-toned area rug underneath defines the borders of your lounge space subtly, or you can go big and bold by using a bright rug with striking patterns.

What about C-shaped tables? These pieces are an incredible combination of functionality and style. For one thing, they look extremely cool. They put off a kind of eclectic vibe that works well with artistic designs or modern decor. If you want a table next to your sofa’s armrest to place your drink, a C-shaped table works just as well as any other table. However, the real fun begins when you want to place a table right in the middle of your furniture. C-shaped tables slide underneath a sofa or sectional to give you a spot for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, books or decor items anywhere you want.

With so many different tables, how can you find the one that’s right for your outdoor space? Well, it might seem cliché, but listen to your heart. When you come across something you absolutely love, it’s not difficult to make room for it in your collection. If you need a place to start, think about your hobbies. They usually say much about your personality. If you like to travel to faraway locations, pick a dark reclaimed wood or natural fiber coffee table. Maybe a luxurious Parisian hotel is more your style. In that case, think about marble. Black-and-white photography buffs with a penchant for classic architecture sometimes like the vintage feel of concrete and metal accent tables. These are also functional as well, which is a nice touch.