Outdoor Pillows + Cushions

Relax and unwind with west elm’s selection of outdoor pillows and cushions. Whether you are looking for versatile throw pillows that add color and character to your patio furniture, or outdoor dining chair cushions that make al fresco dining a more comfortable and pleasurable experience, you are sure to find something suited to your requirements.

Before browsing the available options, take a moment to consider how you use your outdoor space, and what you hope to achieve with your decor. If you have a pool surrounded by loungers, and you want to create a serene, spa-like ambience, consider something with a natural tone, such as stone or gray. However, if you want to heighten the sense of fun for the family, something bright and brilliant is a good option. Adding some whimsical fish-pattern throw pillows around the pool, or introducing green cushions in a secluded area with some planters and dense foliage, creates a thematically cohesive setting that perfectly integrates your decor with the rest of the environment. Whatever theme you choose, ensure it is something you are going to enjoy for the foreseeable future.

You should also consider the flow of your house, and the way in which you transition from indoor to outdoor environments. If you pass through your living room to reach your outside seating area, consider repeating colors or patterns from your living room in your outside decor. For example, if you have a traditional home that makes use of floral prints and wooden furniture, continue those themes in your patio furnishings; while if you have a modern home, cushions or pillows with geometric prints are an excellent option for maintaining that style. Alternatively, choose versatile pillows that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This helps to create a unified look with a pleasing transition, and integrates all aspects of your home.

Comfort is a primary concern, as soft furnishings are a quick and effective way to transform a hard wooden bench or lounger into a welcoming spot to chill out with a cold drink on a hot day. A luxurious poly foam-filled lounger cushion is the ideal solution for ensuring your time by the pool is just as relaxing as your time in the water, letting you float away in a daydream while you top up your tan; and by adding cushions to your outdoor dining furniture you create an inviting space suitable for family gatherings and entertaining guests, which makes a refreshing alternative to using your dining room.

Many outdoor pillows and patio cushions are weather resistant, comprising durable materials that reduce the effect of exposure to direct sunlight and light rain. Look for hardwearing, stain-resistant fabrics, particularly for use with outside dining furniture where there is an increased risk of spills. When the cushions are not in use, it is important to keep them covered to prevent fading and reduce the risk of damp. Storing them in a shed or summer house is an obvious solution, but if you do not have a convenient storage location, invest in some furniture covers. These weather resistant covers comprise a durable polyester layer backed with thermoplastic rubber, and once you have slipped them over the top of your furniture, they provide protection from wind, rain, snow and direct sunlight.

With the right outdoor furniture and soft furnishings, it is possible to transform your yard or garden, creating comfortable and intimate areas for enjoying time with your family, or turning a patio into a useful space for parties. Introduce a parasol, a grill and some lanterns, and look forward to many long, hot summer evenings in your very own private vacation spot.