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At west elm, we believe that you’re the mastermind, lead designer and architect behind your home’s interior decor. True, you might get inspiration from different sources, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who puts it all together, creating a distinctive style that shows off your personality and artistic flair. That’s why we do our best to give you creative control over every design element: from furniture and rugs to lighting and window treatments. Our Bali® shades let you decide how much light you want to let in and what kind of ambience you’re looking for. Custom shade sizes take care of windows from 20"-72" wide, with several different lengths available. Not quite sure what kind of Bali® shades fit your decorative vision? Here are a few ideas and tips that can help.

First of all, why consider shades instead of curtains? Both curtains and shades are great options for room decor that cater to specific styles. If you want a strong sense of opulence and luxury, it’s hard to beat the feel of a velvet curtain in deep hues, for example. Sheer curtains are light and airy, making it easy to breath and relax. What about shades? What makes them special?

One major difference is they fit within a window instead of above it. That’s great for artistic and minimalist layouts since it really shows off the edges and contours of both window frame and shade. Some people combine these qualities by pairing both blinds and curtains together. Bottom line: go with what feels right for your design theme and room colors.

Another advantage of shades is that they maximize available space in rooms that are somewhat cozy. How? For one thing, they provide texture and decor without using up any floor space. Since they fit inside the window frame, you can walk by a window comfortably without brushing up against the shades. There are no visible fixtures or holes in the outside surface of the wall to worry about either.

Our Bali® shades offer a lot of variety when it comes to shade style also: cellular shades, roller shades, wood blinds and solar shades are just a couple of possibilities. What are the advantages and differences between them?

Cellular shades focus a lot on functionality, but also look great. One big advantage is the way each cell fits against the next. This provides a tight seal that helps a lot with both sound reduction and thermal insulation. Blackout shades keep a large portion of the sun’s rays outside of your room. That makes them very energy efficient since the room stays warm during winter and cool in the summer. Many cellular shades come in neutral tones so they fit in any color theme.

What about roller shades? They have a simple, straightforward profile that’s artistic and retro. Roller shades often use bright colors to brighten up a room, from peach to navy. They also give you total control over how much illumination you want inside. That’s great because you can adjust things depending on activities. For example, if you’re balancing your finances or watching your favorite movie on your laptop or tablet, it’s nice to block out just enough of the sun to avoid glare but still have sufficient light to view your screen comfortably and clearly.

Solar shades have a similar effect on the room but give you control over illumination in a different way. They take advantage of opacity to block out the brightest rays of sunlight while still allowing a gentle glow to come through. The result is a calm ambience great for relaxation, study, work at home, napping, reading and food prep. Think of it as a spa vibe but being able to stay active at the same time.

What’s the difference between wood blinds and faux wood blinds? They’re both elegant options with distinct advantages. Wood blinds add tons of warmth to a space. They create a connection with nature and give the home an exotic feel. Faux wood blinds offer easy maintenance and weather-resistance that helps in areas with a lot of moisture or intense sunlight.

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