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Fine art galleries contain thousands of different works and styles from renowned artists, but they all share one thing in common: an abundance of light. Gentle light makes beautiful colors look even more vibrant. It shows off every twist and contour of a room, its furniture and its decor. At west elm we help you to harness and shape the power of soft illumination with our stylish curtains. They infuse the space with emotion and personality. If you’re looking for something to provide that extra je ne sais quoi in your home’s ambience, curtains and drapes are a great place to start. Here are some ideas to get your creative ideas flowing.

Add a sense of pure beauty with cotton curtains. See-through cotton is delicate and refreshing. It has a laidback feel that tells you it’s alright to kick off your shoes and walk around the house barefoot. It’s a natural choice for white rooms with wood or leather furniture. It preserves the intimacy of smaller rooms while making them seem larger too, so cozy apartments benefit a lot from cotton’s freshness.

Feeling artistic? Express your tastes with striking motifs. Geometric patterns, stripes, abstract designs and smooth prints all make a statement in your living room. The impact is even greater in minimalist rooms with only a few principal – but very well chosen – pieces of furniture. Much like a work of art, each element in the room complements the others and draws the eye from point to point. Guests see your living room almost like an art exposition, looking pleasingly from couch to curtains to light fixtures.

If your style is refined elegance, turn your living room or dining room into a vintage ballroom with a touch of velvet. Not only is it supple and lustrous, but velvet curtains are also choice because of the luxurious way they hang. Light catches their flowing contours, like they were made of liquid fabric. A Parisian chandelier overhead and a tufted sectional matches this kind of Gatsby-inspired look very well.

Belgian flax linen curtains synthesize the best of several worlds. They offer the bright and airy ambience of cotton with the privacy of thick threads. The effect on the living room is very pleasant. Belgian flax linen lets indirect illumination in the room but keeps brighter sunlight out. That’s helpful in bedrooms when you want to check out several different outfits. It also means you can let in some fresh air in the morning, and then close your curtains in the afternoon for a cool room conducive to napping.

Create a layered design in your space with double curtain rods and a pair of drapes. Which set of drapes goes on the outside and which on the inside? Don’t worry. That actually depends on your personal preference and the overall style of your room. With a sheer curtain below and heavier velvet drapes in front, it’s easy to enjoy diffused light during the day and sophistication at night. Or, place a neutral-toned blackout curtain – perhaps with a metallic texture – behind your sheer pieces for a mixture of chicness and grace.

Another stunning idea is to choose a flowing material with a small excess in length. The effect? A little bit of gathered fabric resting on the floors provides the look of a luxurious evening gown. This style looks just as beautiful with sheer curtains as it does with woven jacquard. Visualize the textures and colors you want in your dream room and bring them to life. You can create anything from a Victorian drawing room with vibrant colors to a modern Paris studio apartment with a magnificent view. Polished nickel window hardware has sophistication written all over it.

Patterned curtains are especially chic in a room filled with neutral colors. Because the differences in tone are pretty subtle, it’s their bold design that stands out. Geometric shapes like triangles or diagonal stripes look sleek and fashionable. You can also pick out theme pieces that fit your home’s decor, such as large flowers, and pair them with matching artwork on a console table.

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