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Sheer Curtains

Curtains often provide an elegant framework to the room long after you’ve decided on its furniture and other decor. People choose curtains, drapes and blinds for all different reasons. Some want just a little bit of privacy, some want blackout panels to help keep out UV rays and drafts and others want a lot of privacy and coverage for their private rooms. If you need just a little bit of privacy, but also want to add an air of elegant subtlety, sheer curtains are a terrific choice. Ideal for your living or family room or even in your bedroom, sheer curtains from west elm come in a variety of different lengths, styles and colors to help complete your interior decorating in a room or hallway.

Sheer curtains describe a style, and not a material, so it’s good to have an idea in mind of the material you like as you choose the sheers just right for you. Cotton is a soft, luxe material, and when used in curtains or drapes, is incredibly versatile and easy to clean. Linen is a slightly thicker, durable material, but is easily woven into sheer curtains to provide texture and elegant ambience to a room. There are also certain types of cotton, such as jacquard, that are of extremely high quality and often woven and imported. You can also consider a mixture of different textures and materials, such a cotton and linen blend, that easily adds style and sophistication to your space.

When deciding on sheer curtains, you’ll also want to consider the color of course. While you may immediately equate sheer curtains with a white, flowing material, there are other colors and options, allowing you the ability to choose sheerness, but also make a bold statement, such as with sheer navy blue. White, ivory and neutral colors add a subtle touch to any room, while deeper, brighter colors often make the window a focal point. Depending on your decor that is situated throughout the room, both choices work well in many spaces.

As you decide on size and length, consider whether you want curtains to just come below the window ledge, or completely fall to the floor for a flowing look. All sheer curtains are available in different lengths, allowing you flexibility in your choices. As you measure, consider where you will place your window hardware, as this also has an effect on where your curtains will fall.