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Windows come in lots of shapes and sizes. From wide picture windows to paneled Georgian-style architecture, they offer a lot of decorative possibilities. Many follow standard sizes, but not every window fits the norm. And that’s a good thing. Unique sizes add extra personality to a room. Anything that lets you express yourself artistically is a plus. But how do you adorn windows that aren’t a traditional size? west elm’s custom shades and blinds are an elegant solution. Here’s what you need to know about custom shades.

First of all, why is going with a custom size desirable? Well, it’s hard to beat precise measurements for beauty. A custom fit is sleek and chic. The shades feel as if they were professionally measured and designed specifically for your home. The end result is the same elegance that makes a hand-tailored Italian silk suit so special.

Custom shades are ideal from a practical standpoint too. Since wood blinds, roman shades and similar window treatments are installed inside the window frame, the right size lets you slide them up and down effortlessly, without scratching the wall or woodwork. One the other hand, if you’re looking to keep sunlight to a minimum on a bright day, you don’t want rays streaming through cracks between the shades and window frame. Our custom sizes provide an almost hermetic seal for maximum privacy and relaxation.

Need some inspiration for smaller window sizes around the house? Cozy windows are customary in the kitchen – over the sink, for example – so you can cook with a bright smile on your face. Roman shades bring the soft textures of fabric into the space, while also filtering out as much light as you want. Early in the morning, lift your shades to enjoy some fresh air and birdsong. When it starts to get warm in the afternoon, they keep UV light out of the kitchen so you stay cool. Our smaller custom shade sizes range from 20 to 37 inches.

Solar shades are another option for rooms that receive sunlight throughout the day. They allow you to block out intense rays, but still keep the whole area bright and spacious. Besides customizing the size of your shades, you also choose their opacity – the amount of light they let through – depending on what ambience you’re looking for. If you want your bedroom to have a nice indirect glow that’s helpful for an afternoon nap, choose 10 percent opacity for added brightness. In an office where you need to concentrate on your computer screen with zero outside glare, go with 5 percent opacity instead.

Some bedrooms or entertainment rooms have several windows side-by-side. The arrangement might be a square picture window and a rectangular casement window on each end. Is that a problem when choosing blinds? Not at all. Custom shades mean you can pick the same style of each window, so they look almost like a single unit. Wood blinds look especially impressive when lined up like that. A matching wood dresser on the opposite side of the room creates a harmonious style. Medium custom blinds handle windows from 38- to 55-inches wide.

Wood blinds are excellent for an exotic bed or bath with Balinese inspiration. It’s not hard to get rid of stress when surrounded by beautiful natural tones, deep wall accents – like soothing greens or aquatic colors – and golden lighting. You can even toss a candle or two into the mix for maximum relaxation.

Create a layered look for large windows by combining shades and curtains. Blackout shades provide privacy at night and help you to sleep if the sun is still out. They’re a big help in kids’ rooms at bedtime, creating a peaceful and cool setting. And when you want to sleep in a little extra, just keep your blackout shades down. Curtains add extra elegance along with motifs that fit your style, from traditional florals to modern stripes. Large custom shades slide easily into windows from 56- to 72-inches wide. And the width isn’t the only thing to customize. Choose from lengths of 48, 66 and 84 inches for a snug fit.

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