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Outdoor Curtains

Curtains have a powerful effect on any space. They’re beautiful accents that give a room a pop of contrasting or complementary color. They add layers of texture and softness to your home, helping you create a space that beckons you to relax. Wood furniture, beautiful art and flowing drapes all come together to create a design masterpiece. At west elm, we encourage you to express your personality through decor. There’s no right way or wrong way to do things – just your way. Innovation is often the secret ingredient to a design arrangement that leaves your guests breathless. Looking for something to take your home’s outdoor spaces to the next level? One possibility is to use outdoor curtains and drapes to paint a custom backdrop on your deck, patio, balcony, porch or other outdoor space. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Take advantage of the space underneath your second-floor deck. If your home has an elevated deck supported by wood beams or decorative columns, use both areas to their maximum potential. Above, you have a great spot for afternoon parties with a view. The lower area has an intimate feel ideal for more relaxed entertaining or one-on-one time. If the space has a concrete floor, opt for outdoor furniture with touches of metal or bright tones. White outdoor curtains are gorgeous and comfortable here, brightening the space. If your lawn extends underneath the deck, choose wicker or wood furniture, and curtains with an exotic tone.

Where exactly can you hang outdoor drapes? Anywhere you have a support surface. It’s easy to install a strong curtain rod between columns or along the inside edge of a wood beam. Covered porches or balconies offer lots of possibilities. In an outdoor space with stone surfaces, using ceiling-mounted rods is a big help when you’re securing your curtain hardware.

Design your personal relaxation space outside. A simple structure with four supports works beautifully. An all-white room feels spacious no matter what the size and gets you in the mood to recline with a refreshing drink or take a nap. Pick out a comfy couch or sectional – or even a bed depending on what helps you relax the most – with cushions and decorative pillows in natural tones. Choose neutral curtains to transport yourself straight to your own spa. A coffee table with calming candles is another nice touch.

Want to turn your poolside patio into a luxurious spot for evening entertaining? A wooden trellis with outdoor curtains offers sophistication and warmth. Chaises and accent tables are fitting for the idea of a pampered beauty treatment during the day, complete with cocktails and supersoft towels. If you prefer hors d’oeuvres and light music with friends or colleagues, go with a large sectional instead. Either way, flowing drapes make your home look like an elegant Mediterranean villa. Striped curtains provide a touch of the ocean. Use string lights to add to excitement as the stars begin to come out.

Not sure whether to use your outdoor drapes gathered or open? What’s right for each arrangement depends mostly on the ambience you’re looking for. Sashed curtains definitely have an air of sophistication. Gathering drapes like this also allow the maximum amount of air to flow through the space. On the other hand, there’s something enchanting about the way an open curtain dances playfully with the breeze. This is a great choice for sheer fabrics with a delicate side.

Heavier drapes provide protection from intense rays. That’s a big help if your patio receives a lot of sunlight during part of the day. No matter what furniture layout you prefer – a large sectional, a pair of facing sofas or informal chairs arranged loosely – being able to slide specific curtains closed whenever you want shields you from the sun so everyone’s comfortable and enjoys laughing and conversing over a cup of coffee.