Persian Style Rugs

Rugs are a like a beautiful masterpiece, only they are used on the floor instead of the wall. They draw in and connect your furniture together while providing warmth under the feet. And they can throw in a splash of color for contrast giving a pleasing picture to every eye in the room. Persian style rugs are usually made of wool with an asymmetrical knot pattern. Wool is known for wearing delicately and softly while not showing stress areas or foot paths as quickly compared to synthetic material. You can use west elm’s collection of Persian rugs to turn your room into the pleasing area that you and others will love.

Colors clash or colors meld. You paint, decorate and design using a specific color palette. Where does the rug fit in? Here are some ideas.

Wanting a completed and complementary scene in your room? Base the rug’s look around your decor. Try choosing a rug that contains your two main colors plus one accent color. Pillows, throws, vases and other accessories can be matched to the third color.

You can use a rug to help create a calm atmosphere. Try out cool colors – white, gray, blue and green. Cool colors work wonderfully in rooms filled with natural light. Try pairing with curtains that let in the most light possible to increase the effect.

Want a peaceful and soothing room? Use a light monochromatic color scheme, which is a single base color extended to a wide range of colors using its shades, tones and tints. Let the room blend and mold together using the hushed color tones in your rug and decor.

Create a vibrant room with a bright rug. You can create impact and a center point by placing a bright rug as the main source of color in a room. Pairing the rug with splashing and bright wall art infuses the room with energy.

Embrace clash! Draw out the enticing bluster of the room by adding a color that doesn’t match. Use a bright colored pillow that clashes with your chosen rug and inspire confidence. Or choose a brighter colored pillow in the same color palette for a toned down approach.

You can use common classic patterns to your advantage. Intermingle patterns of plaids, zebra and paisley for a deep rich area. Gingham, floras and toile can mix to create a contemporary look. You could use patterns and base them around a solid color to create a clean lived in appeal. Create that solid base with a rug and design your patterns around it.

The coffee table is a focal point in many living rooms. Try using a coffee table with a clear top to show off the rug placed underneath. This is great for decorated and patterned rugs. Have a wood coffee table? Try looking at neutral colored rugs that blend, creating the woodsy type feel. White can give off a crisp feel when you pair it with a dash of color. Create a beach feeling with blues, whites and tans.

Increase the enjoyment of dining by placing a rug under the table and chairs – soft to the feet and pleasant to the eyes. Dark colors hide stains and spills. Provide complete ease and comfort by choosing a large enough rug so chairs remain on the rug when pushed out. Experiment with round or square rugs with your dining table to add symmetry or contrast.

You have a lot of freedom and imagination to use when buying a rug. Look for one you love and causes you to feel comfortable and happy. Take a picture of the room and furniture where the rug will reside. See the room and imagine the rug placed there. Do you like it? Does the rug draw you into the room? A rug you find pleasure in is more important than absolute matching.

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