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Solid Rugs

Solid rugs are among the easiest floor covering to add to your living room or any other room in your home in terms of combining it with your existing decor and furniture. Rugs in a solid color are versatile enough to serve as a canvas for your other living room furniture, or they can also simply add more life to your decor. Get inspired as you browse through west elm’s fine selection of solid rugs, and find the ones that are just right for you. Our floor coverings come in a wide range of colors, weaves and looms, blend of fabrics, styles and sizes to suit your needs.

Solid rugs are easy to blend with furniture of various styles or design themes, whether they are in neutral or bold colors. Even if it’s your first time buying a solid rug, the task is relatively simple when you know where to start. The first step is measuring the size of the floor area that you intend to cover. Ideally, the legs of all your living room seating furniture should fit inside the rug. If you’ve set your sofa, loveseat or sectional against the wall, measure from just behind the front legs of the furniture.

If you are covering your dining room floor, measure the surface of your dining table and add two feet on each side. Alternatively, you may also pull out each dining chair to a comfortable dining position from the table and its legs should still be within the carpet. For the bedroom, the rug should extend from the bottom two-thirds of the bed. After taking the measurements of the floor area that you want to cover, use it as reference when choosing from our offerings of solid rugs. Our rugs are available in different sizes from the smallest at 3-feet wide by 5-feet long to the largest at 9-feet wide by 12-feet long. Want a runner for your hallway or along the side of your bed? Ours are a versatile 2.5-feet wide by 7-feet long. Most of our solid rugs also have a comfortable thickness of one-half inch.

Now how do you pick the shade of your solid rug? This is actually the fun part as this is where you get to decide whether to use the rug as a canvas or as a backdrop to highlight your furniture. Go with neutral colors such as gray, caramel, oatmeal and ivory with furniture and decor that has flashy colors, textures and patterns. Conversely, Our solid rugs in bold and bright colors are a good choice if you wish to add life and pep to a room, as long as it does not overwhelm your furniture and decor. The solid rug should also complement and not clash with your choice of window treatments.

Matching the color of the rug with the secondary color of the pattern on the seating furniture is yet another way of choosing the shade of the solid rug. This works well in grounding the color of your patterned sofa or loveseat, thus establishing the primary color palette for the entire room. With these methods of choosing the color for your solid rug, you have a wide berth in choosing a shade that best appeals to your taste. You may also wish to explore our other color and weave patterns on our solid rugs including ombre, metallic, speckled, distressed, slate, loop, braid and basketweave.

The kind of material a rug is made of determines its durability and the level of comfort and softness it gives to your bare feet. Rugs with nylon and polyester blends are durable and resilient, which means that they are ideal for high foot traffic areas such as your living or dining room. Wool rugs are naturally plush and more comfortable, making them a good choice for bedrooms. You can also choose to adding a layer of rug pad underneath your rug. This keeps the rug from shifting, makes it last longer and gives you a softer and more comfortable surface to step on.

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