Area rugs are at the pinnacle of chic decor. Intense colors, beautiful motifs and delicate patterns – all of these come together to give your space an unforgettable appearance. And since they’re so versatile, they work equally well in a living room, bedroom, home office, dining room and more. Your guests will be impressed and your family delighted by the elegant yet warm and inviting ambience that a floor rug creates. But when shopping for the ideal piece, a common issue is that it can be hard to find one large enough to fill your needs. After all, no one wants to discover that their favorite style is only available in a 3'x5' size when they want it to encompass an entire sectional. west elm solves this problem by taking the exquisite decorative qualities of area rugs and providing you with custom sizes that cover just about any configuration imaginable.
From solid styles to intriguing motifs, our designs pair exquisite comfort with fashion. For a spacious living room, our 12'x18' size is large enough to cover an entire furniture layout. If you prefer a symmetrical rug, we offer 4'x4', 6'x6' and 8'x8' pieces that are sure to grab everyone’s attention immediately. And for especially creative minds, our lengthy and narrow 2.5'x12' flooring can be used as a runner along with one of our assortment of chandeliers and curtains to create a luxurious entryway. With our accent rugs, your only limits are your imagination. And since they’re made of wool, they are naturally resilient, stain-resistant, crush-resistant and easy to maintain.