Bath Sale

Adorn your bathroom space with items available through the bath sale items we have on offer at we elm. An accessories kit for your bath chambers keeps you from ever wondering where your cotton balls or tweezers are again. A six-piece set that includes a tray gives you a special home for your toothbrush, a case for your tall tissue box and a matching liquid soap container. You also have a canister for cotton pads or swabs or other necessities like nail clippers or nail files. With an attractive, shiny finish, show off the complementary garbage bin on the floor for everyone to see rather than store it under the sink. Alternatively, use the garbage can to hold hand towels or washcloths, if you prefer not display waste contents.

No bathroom is complete without a mirror for styling hair, shaving, putting in and removing contacts and applying makeup. Let your mirror be the ultimate multitasker with one that features a shelf and rail. Use the shelf as a convenient home to hold your toothpaste and lip balm and dangle a small towel on the rail, creating a close-at-hand spot for wiping your face after washing or shaving it. This handy mirror is also a functional decor piece, ideal for placement in the front entryway. Take a final peek into the looking glass before stepping out of the house. Hang your umbrella on the rail and use the small shelf to hold the USB stick that houses the tunes you play in the car.

Keep your bathroom fully supplied with our towel sets. Designed for high absorbency, grab one of the hand towels from the wall shelf and soak up shower spray that escaped from behind the shower curtain quickly, giving other house members dry flooring for their bare feet. A standard-sized bath towel provides plenty of real estate to wrap around your wet head and another completely envelops your torso.

Stock your half bath with plenty of hand towels that make your house guests feel at home. Our tasseled towels, ideal for hand drying, are suitable guest bathroom accessories. With monogrammed messages or lettering on them, make your friends smile when using them. A set of two personalized towels is a fitting gift for the friend who has a bathroom just for guest use.

Complement the nautical theme exhibited throughout your dwelling by imparting the marine motif in your bathing quarters with ceramic canisters that feature sea animals on the container lids. A set of three in varying sizes gives you a place to store cotton balls, travel-sized lotion bottles and other personal care necessities on your vanity, shelf or bathroom storage unit. Use these nautical decor items on your bedroom dresser to hold knickknacks and other items to help keep the space tidy.