Furniture Sale

Save money on furniture for every room in the house and enjoy being surrounded by the stunning, classic style we offer at west elm style while getting a terrific price. The offerings include seating, tables and stands, beds and bedroom storage pieces as well as several styles of dining room furniture that are both beautiful and functional. Whether you’re setting up your home for the first time, completely redecorating your home or just want an edgy new sofa to match your favorite Persian rug, this furniture sale has some lovely pieces for you to consider.

Make sure you have plenty of seating space with a comfortable sofa, love seat and living room chairs that recline or swivel. Slide a puffy ottoman in front of the sofa or an armchair and toss a cozy throw blanket across the back of the seating, so it’s easy to cuddle into the padded seat or stretch out and get warm. Match the color of the throw to the upholstery or choose a favorite tone that adds a splash of contrasting color to the room.

While you feel the comfort of plush, padded upholstery each time you take a seat, coffee tables and side stands add their own brand of comfort. Put an elegant marble coffee table or edgy geometrically styled end tables in open spaces around the room. Display a coffee table book of favorite photos on the table in front of the sofa, and set protective coasters on side tables to make it easy to enjoy cold beverages without damaging your stands. Think of unusual places in your home where a stand would be handy, such as a foyer or under a low window to display a plant, and take advantage of these furniture sale prices to fill those unexpected spaces.

Create a luxurious retro-chic bedroom look with pieces from this sale collection that includes beds and dressers to store your things. Sink into soft flannel bedding that matches your carpet or a bedroom side chair. Set up a home office in the corner of a bedroom or spare room, with a desk and filing cabinet that matches your bedroom suite. For a different touch, pick up an extra dining room chair that matches both your dining table and your bedroom furniture to put in front of your desk, or place it in a corner to sit on when changing your shoes. That way, you always have an extra chair to take to the dining room if an unexpected guest shows up for dinner or you need an extra seat for family board game night.