Lighting Sale

Enhance your decor at the same time as adding some light on the situation with illumination items from our lighting sale at west elm. If you are a fan of antiques as well as glass art and decoration pieces and looking to augment the lighting in your stairway, bring all those elements together in a three- or five-piece chandelier-style light. There will always be light every time someone goes up or down the stairs when you choose a glass jar chandelier that brings you back in time with jars that are reminiscent of old-fashioned canning containers. Use any bulb in the hanging glass jars that fit and let them illuminate your staircase wall paintings or other artwork.

Partner your favorite corner of the couch with a floor lamp that becomes your nightly reading sanctuary. The design allows the light source to hover over your newspaper or reading device, and you can shift the light shade left or right as needed. Its design lets you move from the couch to the recliner without losing the light.

Bring back your favorite childhood pastime of making paper fans to your abode with paper fan lamps that illuminate your family room or kitchen. Featuring a marble design that may complement your kitchen counters or fireplace tiles, these hanging lights not only add illumination, but the unique Japanese lanterns also complement other Asian decor pieces.

Adorn your bedside tables with lamps that not only offer plenty of illumination for nighttime reading but also enhance the space’s decor One with a soapstone base in a preferred color provides plenty of heft. Although it’s a soft stone, it stays in place even if your hand attempts to knock it over while half asleep and reaching out for the switch. Choose a colored glass or ceramic-based table side lamp in a hue that matches your bedding or bedroom decor, such as the area rug, curtains or hanging artwork. A clear glass lamp is even more flexible as it unites well with any motif or colors in the room

Provide your overnight guests with plenty of illumination in your guest bedroom. Even if the room is quite modest with minimal or no floor space for a side table, the wall next the bed offers plenty of real estate for wall-mounted lighting. With two light shades that pivot, the room dweller has plenty of options and flexibility for illumination. This style of lamp is also ideal as an office desk light, as it takes up no space on a desktop, leaving you with a tidier work area.