Rugs and Windows Sale

Add some solid footing to areas of your hardwood floors and bring out the color schemes in your rooms with complementary window treatments by taking advantage of the rugs and windows sale we have at west elm. A wool or shag area rug finds a convenient home beneath your couch and coffee table, protecting your hard floors from the furniture legs and giving your bare feet a warm place to nest on cold days and nights. A rug with a fun design or colors that match the space’s decor will fit in perfectly.

Give the youngsters a platform for floor play in their playroom with an area rug that covers as much as 9 feet in width and 12 feet in length so they and the neighborhood kids can play board games or entertainment themselves otherwise on the floor. A rug in this space gives the young ones a soft landing for any activity. As long you are showing the love for your home dwellers, find a smaller carpet to put down in your dog’s favorite place on the kitchen floor and let the pooch know that is its space, day and night. For a pint-size pup, one as small as 3 feet wide should make it as happy and content.

Sleep is usually your top priority when it comes to each visit to the bedroom each night, so guarantee you get your eight hours with blackout curtains on your windows, especially when the sun rises before you do. These polyester drapes also help keep sounds from penetrating into you sleeping quarters, another assurance of your peaceful sleep.

If your guest bedroom does not get much use as a guest room and plays more of a role as additional storage space, then sheer window coverings are sufficient enough to cover the glass. Choose white to blend in with the room’s wood or leather furniture, or choose a color that matches other shades in the room, such as blue to complement the bedding.

Dress up your unfinished basement floors with area rugs rather than carpeting and choose any design to match the artwork and furniture. Get creative in this space with several large block-style rugs that remind you of works of art. Use the colors in the rugs like blues, grays and tans to harmonize with your window treatments. Hang coordinating linen and cotton curtains on your basement windows and decide when to let in light from the outside.