Bedding Closeout Sale

Cozy Closeouts

The cozy closeouts we have at west elm include a large assortment of many types of rugs. Damask wool, retro shag and mosaic patterns are just a few of the options available. Earth-toned jute and textured loop rugs have a natural look to them. Distressed designs create a shabby chic vibe. Choose the rug most suited to your room, and it will take center stage. Then, add a few accessories, and the decor will take on a personality all its own. The rug is just the beginning, however.

Select lighting to enhance your motif throughout the home. You can do this with floor, table or task lamps that can be moved to wherever you need them. Candlestick designs are slender and take up little room. Lamps come in multiple sizes, shapes and colors to suit the decor while serving a functional purpose of illuminating the room when necessary. Chandeliers can be elegant, informal or even rustic light fixtures that hang prominently above a dining room or kitchen table. Hanging contemporary pendant lamps add a dynamic look to a den, kitchen or bedroom. Their uncommon design mimics artwork in light fixture form.

Mirrors can pick up light, making it easy to showcase a room. Hang mirrors in areas you want to accentuate or reflect. In a dark hallway, it will add light. In small rooms, mirrors add depth and make the rooms appear larger. Place a grouping of smaller mirrors above a buffet table in a dining room for a casual touch. A full-length floor mirror can rest against a wall in your guest, master or teen’s bedroom.

In all the bedrooms in your home, keep jewelry boxes or jewelry trees on dressers or nightstands. This will keep jewelry, change, keys and other small items organized neatly and out of the way. It also helps keep necklaces and chains from getting knots in them or from getting tangled. Earrings, bracelets and rings won’t get misplaced if they have a place set aside in a box or tree for them. Store baskets and bins around your house to catch extra items. Baskets with lids are decorative and keep items completely hidden. A large basket with a handle is ideal when placed at the bottom of a flight of stairs. When something needs to go up, place it in the basket and whoever goes up next can take it where it belongs. Baskets make an ideal spot to store magazines and puzzle books near the den sofa or recliner. Use a tall one for a laundry basket. A small one can hold tea bags or spice packets in a pantry. Baskets or bins stored in a row on bookcases look tidy and can keep small items and papers out of sight. They also make a superb toy box.

Stay organized with shelves hung on a wall. Floating shelves hang without brackets. Reclaimed wood shelving is very eclectic and can work with any decor. Polished brass rounded shelves with mirrors add an art deco feel. Whichever shelving you decide on will be to hold framed photos, sentimental objects and books. In an entryway is a suitable place for a dish or tray to catch keys, sunglasses and wallets. In a kitchen, the shelf might hold spices, cookbooks or salt and pepper shakers.

Once your home is organized, you’ll want to ensure that you keep on schedule. Place a few clocks in certain rooms in your home. An alarm clock works well in bedrooms while wall clocks are suited to dens and studies, as well as a kitchen or living room. Decorative wooden clocks and fancy designs enhance the decor while serving a practical purpose too. Telling time this way never looked so good.