Give yourself the luxury spa treatment and relax in a luxurious bathroom decorated with fantastic sale items from west elm’s collection of bath essentials. From shower curtains to waste bins, and from storage solutions to towels, there are plenty of the products you need to make your bathroom an oasis in your busy home. Tiles and flooring in white and off-white tones create a calming environment, free busy patterns for a clean look; however, a subtle pattern on the backsplash behind the sink, or a rug with some color, is a good idea to add a touch of character and prevent the room feeling cold. Consider a shower curtain with a bold geometric pattern, and use rugs and wall art with a matching theme to tie the various elements together in a cohesive and attractive manner. Place candles on shelves to create a traditional setting with a laidback style.
Mirrors are particularly important, both as functional items and as a way of making a small bathroom or powder room feel bigger and brighter. Choose something ornate with a sculpted frame for a period feel, or choose something simple and elegant to keep the mood modern. A beautifully decorated bathroom is conducive to rest and relaxation, providing a haven from your busy life and making it possible to shut out the world for a few precious moments. Fortunately, with new items regularly appearing in west elm’s sale selection, there is always something new to consider for creating the bathroom you deserve.