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Value Bedding

At the end of a busy day, you deserve to have an inviting and comfortable bed to retire to. At west elm, we have created a collection of value bedding that lets you do just that. When choosing from the layers of quality luxury linens to dress your bed to the finishing details that complement the theme of your bedroom, you have everything to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Selecting from our quilts and duvet covers with matching shams provides you with an entire value bedding collection right at your fingertips. Available in solid colors or bold prints, the quilts and duvet covers allow you to express yourself with your room design. When added depth is expected with your bedding collection, selecting quilted block or pin-tucked duvet covers work the best.

Complementing your bedding collection with our complete sheet sets opens many possibilities. Donning your bed with finely detailed sheet sets with geometrical or ornamental designs gives your bedroom its own personality. Opting for solid color sheet sets to cover your bed gives you the ability to bring various details within the room together for a cohesive look and feel. Utilizing our monogram shop gives you the option of having your initials prominently displayed on your bed sheets and throw pillows you place around your room.

Ensuring that your bed is dressed to its best, place a bed skirt from our value bedding collection around the bottom of the bed. Available in various neutral colors and textures, you can create the ideal foundation for the main focal point within your bedroom. The bed skirting should lay flush with the floor without overlapping to give you the best results. Keeping personal items tucked securely under your bed and out of sight is easy once the bed skirt is in place.

With so many different designs available for bedding, using our bedding collections guide will give you some inspiration as you build a bedding ensemble for your bedroom that suits your needs perfectly. Choosing a complete value bedding set for a traditional display or mixing things up with the various duvet covers, quilts and sheet sets that we offer will provide you with a bed that allows you to drift away to dreamland in comfort and style. As with all of our bedding and home linens, the quilts, duvet covers, sheet sets and bed skirts are machine-washable and dryable.