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Value Decor

Decorating your home with a little personality can make all the difference. Value decor at west elm helps you do it with pizzazz and without breaking the bank. Designers continually update new designs, so you’ll always find something new to explore.

A gallery of framed artwork or photographs hung on the wall adds dimension and a personal touch to the decor. Polished silver or brass frames can mix and match, or use one hue for the whole gallery. Black and white frames give a contemporary vibe and fit in any room.

Mirrorsare another way to decorate walls and make rooms appear larger. Choose from funky, eclectic designs or a more conservative, traditional shape. Mirrors, like framed galleries, work well in any room in your house. They are functional in a bedroom or bathroom, but lighten up a dark hallway or foyer. Place them near objects you want to reflect, so they are doubly noticeable and enhanced.

Accessorize with decorative pillows that add color and flair as well as comfort. Embroidered designs and beading are classic and elegant. Some pillows have designs, stripes or animal prints. Solid, textured pillows are a great accessory. Lumbar pillows are shaped to protect the lower back. You’ll love the way all the pillows look on a sofa, bed or chair. It’s a simple way to change the feel of a room.

A throw rug provides warmth on the floor but also brings the room together. Position the rug in a seating area or under a kitchen or dining room table. Neutral colors create a monochromatic tone while bright colors and patterns make a bold statement. Rugs are an easy way to decorate, and if you change your mind down the road, they’re simple to switch out. They work well on tile and hardwood floors, but also give carpet some pop. Select from round and oval shapes to square and rectangular to fit the furniture and the room.

Another way to accessorize a room is with lighting.Whether it’s wall sconces, chandeliers over a table, or floor and desk lamps, lighting is both decorative and functional. It can enhance the mood of the room. A table or floor lamp is ideal for reading in a recliner. Wall sconces illuminate hallways while adding ambience. Formal or informal chandeliers are necessary over a table, but also a grand accessory hanging over a tub or in the center of a bathroom.