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Value Office Furniture

One of the most important spaces in your home is your home office. Whether you work solely from home, regularly have clients and vendors drop by to discuss projects or you simply need a place to study and read, your home office encourages your productivity when it is tidy, organized and most of all, comfortable. Surrounding yourself with pieces that appeal to your taste, such as contemporary and modern furniture and accessories, offers a pleasant office environment whether you’re studying for your master’s, working toward that big promotion or building your own business. If you’re in search of economical choices that provide timeless and simple elegance, we have your choice of value office furniture at west elm, hand-picked by our designers and sure to be easy on your budget.

One of the first things you’ll likely need to outfit your home office is a solid, durable desk. With several different value options to choose from, you’re sure to find a desk that not only fits perfectly in your office space, but also fits your needs. Look for mid-century styles with drawers for extra storage, and plenty of counter space for your monitor, keyboard and other accessories. Alternatively, you may favor a more industrial or modular look. Opt for a complete desk set that offers you storage for files and folders as well as a bounty of open space underneath, or choose an industrial modular standalone desk. You also have the ability to add on pieces to an industrial set, such as a bookcase or box file storage. Industrial desks are also available in a tall, vertical style, with overhead storage for media or other needs.

After you’ve selected your desk, you’ll want a comfortable, yet professional chair for working long hours. Consider swivel office chairs for both comfort and convenience. The swivel feature allows you to turn from one area of the desk to the next without straining your neck. Available in leather to accommodate your desired decor, you can easily match an office chair with existing colors.

Other value choices you may want to consider adding to your home office include standalone bookshelves or lateral file storage. Choose from mid-century designs to coordinate if that is your present theme, or opt for a more modern feel that easily complements the modular, industrial line. Adding bookshelves or file storage offers you extra room in which to place personal items, files and folders, and also allows you to place books, decorative items and awards on display.